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Photoblog - Cute puppies

I happily met these guys when I came back to the stable with my friend since a long time. I was supposed to see the horses and spent time with them but ended up found myself around with those little cute puppies. 147 more words


My Promise to You (I'll Try My Best, Anyway :P)

I will always (try to :P ) be at 120% of sillehness to cheer you up when you’re down!

SMILE! You’re so much cuter when you do! :D :D :D


Just Everyday Things

Cute Foto Friday

Happy independence day!!! Here are some of my fav pics from the interweb…
Enjoy! & go eat a hot dog or vegan dog cuz its 4th of July!!


Periodically I Grow Puppies.. and stuff

Some days I really need to get over myself, like today, for instance.  I woke up after a night in which I had dreamt I was, for lack of a better term, the local procurer of all things slobber filled and wiggly. 876 more words

Sarcasm / Humor

Adorable Puppies and Fun Adventures

Who doesn’t love cute puppies? The Disney Buddies series is full of the cutest pups, and they talk, and they go on crazy adventures… What could be better! 68 more words


Labradoodle Colour - Caramel

Caramel ranges from a rich gold through to a deep red the preferred colour is very much the same colour as its namesake ‘caramel’ with even colouration over the entire body. 7 more words

Labradoodle Colours

Afternoon Walk

It’s a cold but comfortable afternoon for June in the Manning Valley.  Abby decided to hang out with us & help feed the horse’s.  So I decided to take her picture.  15 more words

Labradoodle Colours