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[NEWS] 14.07.16 Joo Won reveals how he is preparing for his role as a musical prodigy in 'Nodame Cantabile'

Although actor Joo Won is known to also be a very talented vocalist, his singing won’t be enough to play the musical prodigy, Chiaki Shinichi, in the Korean remake of ‘Nodame Cantabile‘. 158 more words

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[REVIEW] 14.06.21 A Mighty Actor like Joo Won

 (Translator’s  annotation:  original headline is “Joo Won, actor should be like that”.  But after reading the article, I found “a mighty actor like Joo Won” sounds better, just purely a very personal thought being a biased fan of Joo Won!) 930 more words

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[INTERVIEW] “Good Doctor” Serial Interview Vol 1 - Joo Won “The film set was filled with laughter and we all worked as a team”

Source   韓流ぴあ Issue 2014 July
Written by Oda Kaori
English translation by manyearsago @ soompi

“Good Doctor” Serial Interview Vol 1

Joo Won  “The film set was filled with laughter and we all worked as a team” 1,104 more words

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[NEWS] 14.07.07 Joo Won says he is practicing piano and violin for his role in 'Nodame Cantabile' Korean version

Joo Won said he is currently taking conducting, piano and violin classes for his role in “Nodame Cantabile” Korean version.

He was featured in an interview in KBS’ ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on July 5th. 123 more words

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[NEWS] 14.07.07 Joo Won to Return to Variety Shows through ′Running Man′

Joo Won will be appearing on Running Man.

Sim Entertainment, Joo Won’s agency, told Newsen on July 7, “Joo Won will be participating in filming SBS’s… 357 more words

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[INTERVIEW-TRANSLATION] #JooWon Vogue Korea ~ June 2014 Issue

 English translation by manyearsago @ soompi using Korean-Japanese Google translator, please note the English translation posted here might have some discrepancies from the original Korean article. 2,215 more words

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[ARTICLE] 14.06.10 Joo Won, an actor with very good “multi” physical conditions

“I am fine!”  Actor Joo Won always says “I am fine” digesting his never ending schedules without a break.  Doing drama, movie and then musical, then movie and drama on a very strict schedule, he is a happy young man always working really like a cow  with no time left for breaks.   786 more words

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