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Heart by Jamie Caliri

It’s a commercial cut-out animation created by Jamie Caliri. This piece shows an excellent example for a short narrative story. Although the length is just a minute, it has 28 shots totally. 9 more words


The best woodwork since Pinocchio

I’m taking the opportunity in between blog jar topics to introduce and feature one of my insanely talented friends. I love his work and want to spotlight it because well…I can. 483 more words

Hem - Tourniquet

Cut-out music video for Tourniquet by Hem.

Directed by Jordan Bruner (jordanbruner.net), Animated by Greg Lytle (gregorylytle.com) and Jordan Bruner

Stop Motion

Cutout Picture

I love making things rather than buying them.  I’m lucky enough to have all the equipment to do so. Part of Cutout Critters is to make it easier for other people to make beautiful gifts using simple ingredients. 62 more words

Mending a Puncture (2008)

I enjoyed this animation because of the intricate movements of all the parts of the animation.  I like how there really isn’t anything special about the action, but there is so much movement involved and with small parts that the simplicity of the idea turns into a complex and interesting animation.


(Re)Cycle by Lynn Dana Wilton (2011)

The first thing that drew me to this piece is that it was done as part of a travel grant! To me, this piece speaks as an homage to life on Planet Earth. 172 more words


BattleBlock Theater Intro

This is the introduction to a game called BattleBlock Theater. The game was developed by The Behemoth and I absolutely love this video. The piece relies on humor as it’s main driving force, but I really enjoy the still yet rapid movements of all the things in the picture. 96 more words