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O is for On set

I’ve spent a lot of time on set for movies, t.v. series, advertisements and promotional videos. Although this sounds glamorous, it can at times be far from it. 578 more words

A2Z Bloghing Challenge 2014

Cutting Room Floor: Transcendence (2014)

Grown Up Recess has been lucky enough to snag pieces of film off the editing room floor. It took a lot of undercover mustaches, but GUR has a handful of film stills. 91 more words


The Moon King Trivia #3 : The cutting room (floor)

#3 : The Cutting Room (Floor)

Q:  You’ve mentioned before here that you edited The Moon King down from a considerably longer length in the early drafts.  176 more words


Cutting Room Floor: Luke 9:18-27

Jesus in Context:

And Calling Jesus “God’s Messiah” instead of “Jesus Christ” reminds us that Jesus, you know: He was Jewish. He had a context. 540 more words


More from the cutting room floor

Here’s another brief passage involving Linna and Hawk that entered the editing process but, alas, didn’t make it out alive:

The beautiful thief sits down on the bed beside Linna. 179 more words

Creative Writing

From the cutting room floor

Here’s a passage involving Linna and Hawk that didn’t make it into the final draft:

He begins moving towards the bed, and her heart accelerates, slamming itself against her sternum. 107 more words

Creative Writing

Inside Llewyn Davis - 2013

Inside Llewyn Davis sparked controversy this year when it won the Gran Prix at Cannes but was almost entirely snubbed by the Oscars. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Coen Brothers but I was very curious about such a polarising film. 502 more words

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