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Chatting with Casey Ryan of @CuttingRoomMRB on @TheMixxRadio

I’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with AND meeting Casey Ryan in the past, and I will have a chance to talk to him once again. 118 more words

Eden Baylee

Longrass IX (from the cutting room floor)

Day 60. 151 pages, 71,338 words.

The leaned out over the soft grass, and casually spat a dark stream of bile from its elongated muzzle. The black liquid hit the grass with a hiss, and immediately began to kill it. 195 more words

The Book Of Pinian

Longrass VIII (from the cutting room floor)

Day 56. 143 pages, 66,767 words. Yeah, not much done Sunday.

The two stood on the hillock, looking out over the plain with their sightless vision. 423 more words

The Book Of Pinian

Longrass VII (from the cutting room floor)

Day 49. 123 pages, 56, 656 words.

Invasion stuck his head through the panel and sniffed.

“He came this way, but a long time ago,” he reported, drawing back and turning to his partner. 263 more words

The Book Of Pinian

How to Tell a Great Story – From Harvard Business Review

Here is a piece in the Harvard Business Review about storytelling in the business environment. Stories create “sticky” memories by attaching emotions to things that happen. 176 more words

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Are you a ruthless editor?

I decided to drastically change the ending to my novel and cut 5,000 words. Snip snip, cutting room floor, never to see the light of day. 54 more words