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Irony ... Or: still not able to speak about it

Yesterday a co-worker, or so-to-say the manager (most of the time he acts more like a co-worker than a boss) came to me and said: “I just wanted to ask you something .. 184 more words

Broken Inside

This is a song I wrote when I was feeling horrible and alone…

If only u knew how much i hurt deep inside.

the pain wont go away. 223 more words

A stroll through memory lane.

So, avid reader, first off let me apologize for the amount of posts that I have written in the past two days.  In true form – I am not hiding posts; open and honest for you. 755 more words

And Then I Said "Go.."

People think it’s easy. Most will lie to your face and tell you they understand, but we all know the truth.

They don’t.

Everyday when I wake up I have to force myself to look in the mirror. 452 more words


Ex Satanist - Gina Marisa's Story.

Gina Marisa, was once involved in Satanism. The Holy Spirit drew her gloriously to Jesus and she became His beloved daughter. Hallelujah!

Gina kindly gave me permisson to share her testimony below. 1,040 more words


He Said All the Right Things That Changed Her Life

She had a huge crush on the boy. She was only 9 but he was much older. A mere 14 years of age but old enough to know what he was doing. 1,408 more words


Day 89 of 90: What I Learned (training)

As I come closer to finishing my 90 days I thought I’d write a quick blog on some of the most important things I’ve learned about training (I’ll do nutrition tommorow and then do results on day 91) 552 more words