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To slice, or not to slice...

…that is the question!

Youngite is a type of agate that is covered with druzy crystals.  Beautiful on the outside just as it sits, this mineral is also fluorescent! 45 more words


Courage to Converse

17 days clean from cutting!  I go home on break for Thanksgiving in just 3 days!  It’s very exciting, but at the same time, I am going to be having a variety of serious conversations with my parents.   158 more words

I am a Novice

I should put it out there that I am a complete novice. I watch a lot of home improvement TV, and read a lot of woodworking articles. 148 more words


Top 5 Mistakes & Misconceptions When Doing Intermittent Fasting

I have been leading an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle for more than a year now, and throughout this process I have made many mistakes, mistakes that made me waste time and effort. 1,175 more words



I self-mutilated from sixth grade to my last year of college. I’m not proud of it. In sixth grade, I borrowed a book on self harm, and that’s when I started. 375 more words


Daisy in the Shadows

I just see this image of you so alone, so in pain. I’m just a small insignificant spec on the wall watching over you. Pain, cold, darkness is your only comfort. 789 more words



Cutting my legs is so comforting. It releases all the pain trapped within me, all at once. I’ve never been suicidal, murderous, but not suicidal. Cutting myself is not and never will be about death. 325 more words

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