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For The Girl Wearing A Cat T-Shirt

The weed. The pills. The blade.

They could never satisfy that longing you have to be loved.
They could never numb the pain you wish you could run away from. 93 more words

Stories Of Life Change

pain and shit

Life….is a bitch. I’ve known this for a while. I’m 14 and i am barely hanging on to life. i have cut my arms and i have added two new lighter burn marks on my arms. 328 more words



Sigh. I wish I had the courage. Or strength. Whatever one needs to just end it.

I suck at this living life thing.

I have moments I enjoy. 126 more words


I try. And I hope. And I expect. But nothing changes. I love my family. I love them more than I should. But they continually hurt me. 109 more words

" I write because nobody listens".

I’m starting to slowly deteriorate from the inside and out. I feel as though someone is reaching inside of me and pulling the soul out of me slowly. 193 more words

Lurgy & tattoos are on my brain tonight!

Urgh, I have the lurgy. I am very run down & sniffly. This isn’t good because it causes my CFS & rheumatism to flare up. So I’m trying to blast the bugger out of me with spirulina, echinacea, sambucol, lots of vitamin C, ginger tea, rest and lots of fluids. 344 more words