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No one said life was easy. No one said it was easy for anyone. Everyone has problems, issues, pain, pasts.

I often wonder, looking thru my nicely fitting mask, how many others hide behind perfected masks as well as I do. 174 more words


I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got.

I’ve lost so many years of my life mental illness. I’ve wasted so much time on hating myself; cutting myself; starving myself; isolating myself. And for what? 339 more words


T.V. Bloopers - Rescued From the Cutting Room Floor!

T.V. Bloopers is a compilation of some of the funniest outakes ever assembled. Most of the scenes in this video have never been seen before. Good, clean fun …

Stronger than I feel...

Insomnia has hit me again. I’ve officially been up for about 24hours. Compared to some of my other bouts of insomnia, this is nothing, but my mind starts to wander when the darkness falls and the house is still. 362 more words


S #14 and S #15

Post-breakup I was in a matchbox apartment in the centre of the city, which didn’t help with the growing paranoia and feelings of nauseating depression that would lead me to what I have often wondered, looking back, was perhaps a small psychotic break. 684 more words


I can be a stubborn. This could be a good quality, or a bad quality.

Right now I have it stuck in my head to do two things. 399 more words

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