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To Beauty

Attainable in the eye of the wanting
Deep within it is more mind than flesh
Perception of those watching
Constraints in the limits of what it is to be… 9 more words


Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Cutting Fruit Crate

Demi changed my life

As if I needed one more reason to love Demi Lovato, this interview has completely inspired me. I would love to say that I am now dedicated to recovery, but this isn’t the case. 492 more words

Nice Wire Cutting China Services photos

A few nice wire cutting services images I found:

sweet darling,

Image by ashley rose,
i’ll be the grapes fermented,
bottled and served with the table set, 201 more words

The Man in the Herringbone Vest (Anybody read Kite Runner?)

Introspection, retrospect. Regret. Wishing that something could have been different, knowing that it won’t ever be. Helplessness, inability to change what has already happened, scared of repeating the same mistakes. 1,093 more words


It’s embarrassing to sit in a meeting and hear about teenaged cutters and how to “spot them” to be referred to our counselor as I sit there with cuts on my arms. 42 more words

Mental Health Battles

Willow by Julia Hoban

Willow by Julia Hoban

Plot: Willow is a teen struggling with life after a car crash that killed both of her parents. Instead of facing the pain she cuts herself, buy Guy, a boy at her new school, won’t stand for that. 42 more words