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The Rapture of Bleeding

Tossico lay atop the sagging mattress on the creaky bed. He’d found an old knife, dull but not blunt, in the rickety old desk at the far side of the room in Pemberontak’s royal palace. 790 more words


I think my friend is cutting (or, How to handle a cutter)

Please reference my previous post about reasons people cut to get a deeper understanding of the “why” behind the “how.”

You think your friend or someone close to you (or maybe even just someone from class/church/work) is cutting. 572 more words


Poem For You

I have been conversing online with some precious people who are in pain right now. I wrote this in honor of all those going through emotional pain that nobody can understand. 32 more words



I try to block things out. I try to ignore things. I try to suppress shit. I don’t want to deal with the things that I need to deal with. 163 more words

Hoodie season

It’s coming to the part of the year where I will be wearing a hoodie every waking moment. 

When I was thinking about this, one of my first thoughts was, “now I can cut on my arms again,” which I’m not sure where the thought came from. 115 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm


Cutting is my other secret. It came out in the eating email. It wasn’t meant to, but it did. I started cutting when I was around 14, and it wasn’t something that was widely understood or talked about then. 278 more words


Bodybuilding - cutting og bulking

I de 7-8 måneder jeg nu har trænet, kan jeg sagtens mærke jeg er blevet stærkere! Da jeg startede med styrketræningen kunne jeg kun liiige tage  4 x 8 med 22,5 kg i bænkpres (stangen + 2 x 1,25 vægte). 898 more words

Mine Tanker