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Wine only protects against CVD in people who exercise

Wine only protects against cardiovascular disease (CVD) in people who exercise, according to results from the In Vino Veritas (IVV) study presented at ESC Congress today by Professor Milos Taborsky from the Czech Republic. 514 more words

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Miracle for Heart "Terminalia Arjuna"

In today’s world, Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) is the reason for many families not to be happy. Almost 17.3 million people died according to the WHO and 40.5% of the US population is projected to have some form of CVD by 2030. 366 more words


Super MoS2 Low Friction Coatings

Every object around us undergoes wear and tear, and this majorly due to the friction associated. When there is a friction, the parts of machinery undergo erosion and this is why low friction coatings are used. 164 more words


Your own personal WOF: taking your heart seriously

I got my results from my regular blood tests, called a lipid blood test, this morning: cholesterol and blood sugar are both in the normal range. 624 more words

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Treating chronic gum disease – can it help to prevent heart disease?

Gum disease (periodontitis) is a common chronic or persistent condition that can get worse over time. It involves inflammation of the gums, which surround and support the teeth, causing swollen and painful gums and in severe cases loss of the bone that supports the teeth. 602 more words


Crown Valley Divers Win AAU National Diving Championships Second Year In A Row

Crown Valley Divers of Laguna Niguel, California traveled to Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, Georgia last month for the AAU National Diving Championships 2014. CVD had 29 Divers compete against 59 teams from across the United States. 68 more words


Eating organic foods are proving to be healthier and more nutritious

I went to see the new movie Lucy the other night and watched as Lucy, once using 40% of her brain capacity, was able to diagnose her friend with poorly functioning kidneys…her response to her friend: 297 more words