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Spanish Tenses - The Subjunctive

Blatant Doctor Who reference aside, this quote does help me remember the use of the subjunctive in English (among other things). It’s not always that easy to recognise in English, but it is in other languages such as Spanish, and French among others. 1,218 more words


Spanish Tenses - Common Compound Tenses in Spanish

If you look up the conjugator on wordreference.com, you’d find four of them

  • Pretérito perfecto
  • Pluscuamperfecto
  • Futuro perfecto
  • Condicional perfecto

But at this level you’d only need to know the Pretérito perfecto and the pluscuamperfecto. 553 more words



This Semanario can help with reading practice as well as keeping up to date with current events and social topics. You can visit raicesyvalores.com for more… 28 more words




Weathering is the breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces. There are basically three types of weathering as you can see listed below.

  1. Mechanical Weathering …
  2. 431 more words

Spanish Tenses - Indicative Tenses

Knowing how to speak Spanish takes more than just knowing the vocabulary. If that’s what you think, you’d look something like this girl in this comic : 953 more words