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Are North Korean cyber attacks now targeting fringe comedy acts?

I thought I was over my flu of last week but I slept all day yesterday, so my body obviously knows something I don’t.

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Cyber roller-coaster - fasten your belts

Here’s my latest piece for Russia Direct on cyberwarfare. Weaponisation of the cyber space is no news anymore as a concept. The bad news is that the external reasons – or pretexts – for its unraveling are on the rise. 68 more words

We Are On Notice: Terrorists Target Grids

by Frank Gaffney27 Jan 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/01/27/we-are-on-notice-terrorists-target-grids/

On Sunday, jihadists attacked a main power line in Pakistani Balochistan’s Naseerabad district. 

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4chan Without The First Man

It seems that the founder of the 4chan.com has just had enough. He is retiring. No bad words or emotions. Just a simple tweet that almost twelve years was more than enough of serious devotion in this matter. 185 more words

Celebrate “International Data Protection Day” with FREE Email Encryption #DPD15

Whether you call it “International Data Privacy Day” (US) or “International Data Protection Day” (Europe), we would like to wish you a cyber safe day. January 28th represents the day on which an extra strong spotlight shines on issues relating to cyber security with the purpose of raising awareness and promoting privacy and data protection best practices for businesses and individuals alike. 323 more words

Secure Email

Taylor Swift social media accounts hacked

TORONTO — Pop star Taylor Swift was back on social media Tuesday afternoon after a hack of her Twitter and Instagram accounts forced them offline. 159 more words


FTC Says We Don't Need Internet of Things Legislation -- For Now

As the Internet wends its way into everyday appliances from cars to toasters and beyond, the government has, for the moment, left the onus on the industry to protect Americans’ privacy. 575 more words