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Joy of Satan member Thompson Underwood, a.k.a Vehareron Norerahev/ Korben Loosemore. Tries to put hits on public figures.

Thompson Underwood aka Vehareron Norerahev/ Korben Loosemore of the Jos.  Mr. Damien Underwood of Miami,  of FL likes to place hits on other Satanist figures and Hack random peoples accounts… 98 more words

Joy Of Satan

Fraud alerts: You may be next

I have been offline for quite a long time. There have been anti-phishing activities from past few years and I want people to be aware about such things. 1,015 more words

Social Awareness

Week 5 CYBR 650 - October is Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security is changing more and more every day from changing lives – some good and some bad. Cyber Security, with the right tools in place and having ones PCs or servers up to date, can protect your data and ensure your data is uncompromised. 400 more words

Cyber Security

Chris Hemsworth Plays A Super-Sexy Aryan Super Hacker In Michael Mann's 'Blackhat'

I don’t know about you, but when I think “elite computer hacker” I think “six-foot-four blond Australian with a shaved chest and chiseled features,” so Michael Mann’s new film… 264 more words

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Cyber-Security Experts Warn Of New Threat In "Bash" Software

New ‘Bash’ Software Bug May Pose Bigger Threat Than ‘Heartbleed’

” A newly discovered security bug in a widely used piece of Linux software, known as “Bash,” could pose a bigger threat to computer users than the “Heartbleed” bug that surfaced in April, cyber experts warned on Wednesday.

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Prince Nwambu and the mail scam that swindled €8.8 million from 15 victims

Spanish High Court hands down jail terms of up to 21 years to perpetrators of elaborate fraud

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, just with a 21st-century twist: dangle the prospect of a large sum of money for doing nothing, and somebody will take the bait. 443 more words

5 Nigerian gangs dominate Craigslist buyer scams

Likely Lads from Lagos still skilled at parting fools from money
Just five Nigerian criminal gangs are behind a widespread type of fraud targeting sellers on Craigslist. 569 more words