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Regin, a new piece of spyware, said to infect telecom, energy, airline industries

The cyber security firm Symantec on Sunday revealed that a malicious new piece of software is collecting information on individuals, companies, and government entities without their knowledge. 864 more words


Is the government spying on you?

Ethiopian government has been hiring hacking mercenaries to crack down on bloggers. Ethiopia has jailed journalists for critical reporting. Their surveillance is widespread: An American citizen in Silver Spring, Maryland with Ethiopian ties recently found this kind of spyware on his home computer, according to a federal lawsuit. 231 more words


National Retail Federation CEO to banks: Breaches are your responsibility, too

With the holiday season now in full swing, retailers are waging a fierce battle with one another to win customers as finicky and price conscious as ever. 840 more words


Gmail Attachments With A New Address

From now on, you can find all of your Gmail attachments on your Google Drive account. So, what is up with this one? We are a little bit confused. 214 more words

Happy Hour Virus

Although, this idea is not quite compatible with our efforts to fight the unprecedented economic crisis, we cannot neglect or ignore its originality and brilliance. So, what is this app all about? 196 more words

Detekt - A free tool to see if government is spying on you

Are you one of those billions wondering, if government is spying on you? Fret no more, A big thanks to researcher Claudio Guarnieri, for developing the software Detekt. 130 more words

Amnesty International

Up all night with bitcoin hackers

Amid the hushed, hurried clatter of keyboards at New York University’s newly opened entrepreneurship lab, students huddle in teams of one-to-four, scarfing down bok choy and fried dumplings. 1,372 more words