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Dumb, Dumber And A Hacker

Honesty is the best policy. Is this really true? Well, for a hacker called Nicholas Lee Jacobsen it certainly is. When asked, what he was doing deep into the T-Mobile IT infrastructure with no proper authorization, he gave quite an unusual, but very effective answer. 190 more words

"The battle between the quick and the strong" (c)

This video of Bruce Schneier’s talk is more than 1 year old. Yet it’s now that one of its key points makes critical sense.

Talking about the necessity of┬ábalance between institutional and distributed power on the Internet, which he describes as the “battle between the quick and the strong”, Schneier points out that the battle only gets worse as technology improves. 235 more words

A Smartwatch On A Watch

You know how it goes, don’t you? The ignorance is the mother of all cyber troubles. We are so blindly focused on smartwatch performances that we are completely neglecting the serious threats and potential damages in this field. 171 more words

How To Hack A Hacker?

This is a great story that we have no other choice, then sharing it with you, right here and right now. We wrote a couple of times about the notorious Lizard Squad hacker’s group. 170 more words

Dumb, Dumber and Password

It is not such a difficult thing being a successful hacker, when there are so many Dumb and Dumber movie fans in the field of cyber security around. 186 more words