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Minority Report Made In Germany

Hollywood has given so many wonderful and inspirational ideas to the cyber world. Or, it was the other way around? Either way, some concepts are so revolutionary and intriguing at the same time that we had to try them in the real world. 164 more words

Following Up: Obama Offers Bravado, not Leadership, Against Cyber-Hacking

The more the Obama administration says about the Sony hacking incident — and the related threats against the company and movie theater chains if it released the comedy film “The Interview” — the less confident Americans should feel about Washington’s ability to deal with cyber-attacks, and to protect the public from its effects and similar attempts at intimidation. 715 more words


Why cyber warfare is so attractive to small nations

Last week news broke that North Korea, which is believed to be responsible for a massive cyber attack against Sony , may have as many as 1,800 cyber warriors. 1,027 more words


Obama’s Response To North Korea Hacking of Sony Was ‘Saying Aloha And Getting On An Airplane To Hawaii’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers speaks at the Reuters Cybersecurity Summit in Washington May 15, 2013. Credit: Reuters/Yuri Gripas

Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers said on “Fox News Sunday” that America needed a stronger response to North Korea’s cyber-attack on Sony than President Barack Obama gave in a lighthearted speech Friday afternoon. 523 more words

Sony CEO: "We have not caved" after making decision to pull 'The Interview'

After a recent threat from North Korean hackers, Sony decided to pull “The Interview” from theaters nationwide ahead of its Christmas Day release. The comedy film, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, depicts the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un. 182 more words


There Won't Be The Interview

Here is a new twist in the true Hollywood story about the movie called the Interview and the North Korean hacker’s elite group called the Bureau 121. 198 more words

I work at Sony Pictures. This is what it was like after we got hacked.

An employee* in the Los Angeles office of Sony Pictures Entertainment opened up to Fortune about the personal ordeal they went through following revelations of North Korea’s alleged cyber attack on the company. 624 more words