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The Silence of Six by E. C. Myers

Adaptive Studios 2014

Max used to be a hacker. He and his best friend Evan spent a lot of time that way. But then Max got pretty busy with his life and his new girlfriend and kind of lost track of Evan, until the night that Evan hacked into the live presidential debate and killed himself on camera. 174 more words

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Book Review: 'God is a Gamer' by Ravi Subramanian

My Rating ***

‘God is a Gamer’ is the sixth novel by Ravi Subramanian. The author has been described as ‘the John Grisham of banking’ by the Wall Street Journal as all of his works revolve around crimes related to banking in one way or the other. 538 more words

Book Reviews

Author Interview: Deadly Odds by Allen Wyler

Hi wonderful folks, today I’m honoured to have on this blog, my guest, Allen Wyler, a renowned suspense, sci-fi/cyber thriller writer. Please read the interview below to get a feel of him and his works. 971 more words


When your characters try and call the shots.

Okay, so I have no news to share today. I thought I’d let Marks and Lip take the conn.

Lip: The conn? What is this, Star Trek? 364 more words

Dave Buschi

This doesn't happen every week.

Okay… first blog post. Lot of pressure here. Not sure what to say.

I’m just going to keep this short.

Three years ago I self-published THE BACK DOOR MAN. 68 more words

Dave Buschi