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The New Battlegrounds

We celebrate the internet is providing an increase in communication that has given a voice to the voiceless and enabling the organisation and publication of the domino effect uprisings in the Arab Spring over the last few years. 273 more words


ISIS Urban Cyber Warfare

ISIS Urban Cyber Warfare

Urban fighting is a violent and difficult method of warfare. That tactics are different and the presence of civilians complicates the battle plans and operations orders. 1,127 more words

Let's Talk Cyber in the US

I want to bring up a few cyber issues which are overclassified and most of it should, I say again, should be in the unclassified realm. 543 more words

Information Operations

US Army Cyber Field takes off

The US Army is opening its new cyber branch up with a bang!

The Army is accepting applications from Regular Army officers in the ranks of second lieutenant through colonel who want to become members of the service’s new career branch for cyber warriors.

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Cyber Warfare

Part 3 - The Digital Threat & Cyber Warfare

The Digital Threat

The frequency and sophistication of intrusions into government and civilian institutions has increased over the past ten years.(7) Everyday networks across the Internet are scanned and probed thousands of times. 1,028 more words

Part 3

Part 3 - Introduction and Specific Aims

If this is the information age, is our information sufficiently secure from theft and illicit use?

Since 2005, hundreds of millions of digital records have been stolen in approximately 2500 reported data breaches. 673 more words

Part 3