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Part 3 - The Digital Threat & Cyber Warfare

The Digital Threat

The frequency and sophistication of intrusions into government and civilian institutions has increased over the past ten years.(7) Everyday networks across the Internet are scanned and probed thousands of times. 1,028 more words

Part 3

Part 3 - Introduction and Specific Aims

If this is the information age, is our information sufficiently secure from theft and illicit use?

Since 2005, hundreds of millions of digital records have been stolen in approximately 2500 reported data breaches. 673 more words

Part 3

Cyber-Security Experts Warn Of New Threat In "Bash" Software

New ‘Bash’ Software Bug May Pose Bigger Threat Than ‘Heartbleed’

” A newly discovered security bug in a widely used piece of Linux software, known as “Bash,” could pose a bigger threat to computer users than the “Heartbleed” bug that surfaced in April, cyber experts warned on Wednesday.

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Skimming Awareness v2.0

Two years ago, my technical staff wrote a very informative article about CREDIT CARD SKIMMING Between that time and now, the scam of skimming has exploded, contributing to the crimes of both… 378 more words

Current Events

Digital jihad: ISIS, Al Qaeda seek a cyber caliphate to launch attacks on US

Originally posted at http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/09/11/digital-jihad-isis-al-qaeda-seek-cyber-caliphate-to-launch-attacks-on-us/

By Jamie Dettmer

Published September 11, 2014

Jihadists in the Middle East are ramping up efforts to mount a massive cyber attack on the U.S., with leaders from both Islamic State and Al Qaeda – including a hacker who once broke into former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Gmail account – recruiting web savvy radicals, FoxNews.com has learned. 832 more words

Information Operations

Part 1 - A New and More Secure Digital Age & The Future of U.S. Cyber Strategy

For years I have been researching the intersection of technology and politics. One recent thought provoking book is “The New Digital Age” by the Executive Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, and Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas, its internal Think Tank. 957 more words

Part 1

Top Ten Ways to Defend your Network against the Latest SSL Exploits

Top Ten Ways to Defend your Network against the Latest SSL Exploits


Staying on top of the latest web exploits can be a challenge for Network Admins who are worried about simply keeping up with all the day-to-day management tasks required by a complex environment. 178 more words