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Zibelthiurdos the Skybane, Complete!

A long time in the making, this one, but well worth it! A long time ago, I was making a movie. That fell through but the props remained intact… except for the unfinished Zibelthiurdos. 90 more words

SNMP Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks on UPS systems, BMS, heating and cooling infrastructure via the SNMP cards are now beginning to appear on news pages.

Shutting these systems down is the only thought in a criminal’s mind.  135 more words


The worst security this year - "Situation Normal: All Fucked Up"


  • In the first few days of the year, gaming sites, including Steam, were hit by multiple denial-of-service attacks, with some blaming irate players.
  • 1,954 more words

Why CISO have one of the toughest jobs in business world

By Nicole Perlroth

SAN FRANCISCO: Pity the poor chief information security officer.

The profession barely existed a generation ago. But to combat the growing threat of online breaches, companies and governments are hiring executives whose main responsibility is to make sure data systems are secure. 1,026 more words


89% executives say cybercrime major threat for businesses: KPMG

NEW DELHI: Cybercrime has emerged as a major threat for businesses across the country, with an overwhelming 89 per cent of executives surveyed believing such attacks could hamper not only the financial dealings but also damage the brand value and market reputation, says a KPMG report. 272 more words


How to Hack Someone’s Account? Ask Them for the Password!

ESET Ireland has been following a surge of phishing emails redirecting users to faked banking, PayPal and Microsoft account sites for harvesting login details, including a username and password. 614 more words


The combination of emotional and physical is powerful

A lot of people stop at the physical side, because that’s what they’re used to with porn or something by themselves. IMVU is more than porn… 205 more words

Virtual Relationships