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Ryd3r - 7

My first month aboard my new home was as typical as would be expected. Any new check-in being received at a command is expected to complete a series of administrative tasks, concreting them as a member of that ship or station. 1,150 more words


Cyber 1


//initiate: routing

//initiate: logging

//cancel: logging/auth

//initiate: command aleph…

//command aleph: UNKNOWN//command aleph: UNAUTHORIZED//command aleph: DENIED

//execute > command aleph\\masquerade//protocol: masquerade aleph{admin}

//initiate: execute… 51 more words


The Rise in Need for Cyber Insurance

Advances in technology and the rapidly increasing dominance of the Internet in our lives means that websites are becoming an ever more attractive avenue for companies to promote their products and their business value to the marketplace. 409 more words


Ali Baba...

Thought of The Night:

Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves – an Oriental fiction story -, virtually, they stole gold enough to fill a whole mountain and Alibaba.com, virtually, are worth now 220 billion us$, enough to buy all mountains in The Orient! 28 more words


Always be positive! ;)

Question that I need to ask people…

What would you do if you’re bullied at school?

Do you have confidence in yourself?

Do you feel emotionless? 43 more words

Love & Life

Cyber Organics - The Editorial

Photographs by Balazs Maar
Model: Sotheary Bee
Styling and illustrations by Eriya Miura
Hair and Make up by Kolab at Pronith Monkul Salon
Wardrobe from Little Fashion… 9 more words