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NSA Warns China or Russia Have The Ability To Cyber Attack The U.S. Infrastructure – Episode 523


European consumer confidence falling to new lows. The entire Euro zone is imploding. Retail stores showing profits as they close hundreds of stores. US manufacturing declines once again. 95 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Cyberbullying: Does it exist?

Whilst bullying has traditionally involved physical, psychological and verbal abuse, an increase in the use of technology and social media has given rise to new form of abuse called cyber bullying. 362 more words

Anti Bullying

5 Dangerous Misconceptions about Cyber Liability Exposures

Source: Ultra Risk Advisors

Misconception #1
Cyber breaches are mostly a result of foreign offshore sophisticated hackers who are only targeting large retail and healthcare systems. 1,105 more words


Act like a spy to protect your digital privacy

In today’s social media driven world, people’s entire lives are often stored on their smartphones. Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your photo roll, calendar and notes all provide clues to your location, contacts and personal details. 210 more words

CNN Writer

How to protect your business online

Over half of New Zealand businesses experience IT security attacks at least once a year. But many feel they don’t have the right tools and policies to keep themselves safe.  262 more words


Avoiding scams, phishing and malicious emails (things to watch for, how to report them + more)

Scam artists use clever schemes to defraud millions of people around the world each year. People need to learn how to recognize common phishing tactics and malicious emails and what you can do to avoid them. 1,147 more words



CyberFeminism Definition:

CyberFeminism explores new media artistic works and their portrayals of women. By examining the current tropes of women, specifically those in gaming/geek culture, I can create new and innovative representations of dynamic ladies. 616 more words