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Spiritual Feminism

I had posted a series on cyberharassment including potent quotes from women bloggers, activists, and feminist law professors. Careful readers may have noticed that some people referred only to women’s rights, while others referred to the rights of women and racial minorities. 1,296 more words


Yahoo Unveils Controversial New Logo (satire)

With its high fashion look and Flock of Seagulls inspired doo, Yahoo’s latest logo certainly makes an impression. Does it have legs, or is it just too much Marissa Mayer? 693 more words


Bully: Julie Ann Larson and Jennifer Emick Advocate Snitching

Julie Ann Larson – Snitch

Ironically, Kree Love (Antonio F. Lopez), Thomas Cook (Thomas Schroeder), Julie Ann Larson, Michael Babcock, Jason Steele (Christopher Joseph Erwin), and… 1,322 more words