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Particle V

I could feel my eyes turning into dust
And two strangers
Turning into dust..

Bodysuit: Kojima Industries
Harness: Sassy
Boots: Bax
Hair: Wasabi Pills
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#13 - Transmission #4

Chanter was pushed aside by urgent feet; the temple was emptying behind her, its inhabitants moving forward to the crowd within the street. The little child lingered behind and Chanter stood there, empty, hollow and invisible as she always was to them. 486 more words


35. The Matrix Reloaded

Regardless how it all hangs together, the set pieces in The Matrix Reloaded are some of the best in the business. As an action film, it can’t compare to the original, whose structure was built for immense catharsis in the final act. 610 more words

BBPX Top 100

Shadowrun Returns

I had always heard great things about Shadowrun, and the vast majority of my exposure to it was via third-party praise and vicarious experiences such as players fondly recalling events that had transpired during their games.   1,178 more words

PC Games

Cyberpunk Music Video of Brilliance from Melotron

With brilliant cyberpunk-inspired animation and EDM/Dark Electro beats that will elicit involuntary, rhythmic, body movement from even the most uncoordinated, this video from Melotron is a feast for the senses. 163 more words


The Cyborg: a super-human project

The definition of Cyborg was clearly explained by R. U. Sirius in MONDO 2000 (1993) a SF guide on the cyberpunk movement:

CYBORG” is a science-fictional shorting of “cybernetic organism”. 

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Science Fiction

#12 – Transmission #3

Children were controlled. They had to be; the population needed to be sustained according to extremely specific, narrow protocols. So children weren’t created because of love or sex or any of those messy, natural reasons, they were created on a  544 more words