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What does it truly mean to 'be human'?

It is rare that I encounter a form of media that challenges everything I know about the world. And it is rare when I find myself thinking so deeply about said form of media that I start to question our future, and the very definition of humanity. 1,093 more words


Top Ten Favorite TV Shows: #10 Ghost In the Shell

Ghost In the Shell is my tenth favorite TV show for three reasons. First it has one of my favorite female characters of all time, Major Kusanagi. 288 more words

William Gibson - Virtual Light Book Review

Following a six year hiatus, Gibson rejuvenated himself in the early nineties with the release of his fourth novel Virtual Light. Unlike Gibson’s previous works which were set in The Sprawl (a polluted dystopian version of the Northeast Megalopolis) – or otherwise known as BAMA or the Boston-Atlanta-Metropolitan-Axis – Virtual Light is set in sunny California. 409 more words


Free scifi ebook today only

Update: The Final Version peaked at #12 in the USA cyber punk Kindle Chart. Thank you for making it happen👍🌆🔫
31 August The Final Version peaked at #12 in the USA #ScienceFiction #cyberpunk chart… 14 more words

Science Fiction


Spheres of influence
lining her tiara
and casting out
systematic rays

Nodes of information
encrusting jewelled fists
pressing fingers motion
commanding flow

Eyes of neon… 21 more words


High Tech, Low Life: Writing A Cyberpunk Story

Having just wrapped up my latest project, I have spent the last week or so searching for inspiration on what to write next. Although I already have a few other titles waiting to be written, I feet a strong desire to move away from existing projects and write something new. 426 more words