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#ObeyParty666 supports the #Anonymous #Paypal14 All Day October 25th

ObeyParty666:It’s a 24-hour fundraiser with an ambitious goal: to get the Paypal 14 closer to paying off the $86,000 restitution. The Paypal 14, you’ll recall (or fake it if you don’t) were charged with participating in the 2010 DDoS attack against Paypal (and Amazon, eBay, VISA, Mastercard, and more) which had frozen WikiLeaks’ funds. 880 more words


Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins Show You What Badass Looks Like

It looks like this, kittens. It looks like this.

Nearly 10,000 Likes, and 5,500 Shares. For those of you big Buzz fans out there (which is all of us, really) his WhoSay is pretty awesome too.


#Nanowrimo worldbuilding and the new nations

As I expected, thinking about the New Nations of my cyberpunk novel has been the hardest part of my pre-National Novel Writing Month preparations. There is a lot that I could go over, and at the same time I don’t really have an urge to go over any of it. 2,175 more words

Creative Writing

GQ in conversation with William Gibson: Just how fucked are we?

Read the wonderful interview here.

This is a great interview; I’m d.y.i.n.g. for his new book coming out next week. I feel like Gibson has an almost singular genius for being able to seemingly reach at will and get the pulse of Western cultural anxieties, that he then just…curates into something bleak, funny, textured, but with some vague tinge of hope, po-mo nihilism only sometimes tongue-in-cheek.

Give Angels some love?

Asking if someones could give Shift Tense: Angels some Amazon love. It’s the third and final section of the Shift Tense story and that lone review is looking kinda sad after all this time. 43 more words


70. Appleseed Ex Machina

Deunan Knute is a badass. Her badassness has almost always been crippled in the direction of various pieces of the Appleseed story, but Ex Machina… 3,306 more words

BBPX Top 100

Chronicles of the Guardians: An Uncertain Future- Chapter 1

by: CJ Fogarty


I pull in outside of the Alley Cat Club. It’s not crowded, though, I hear this place never is. Getting out and handing the keys to my Nissan FE- New Frontier to the bear of a valet. 3,887 more words