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Virtual Light (1993) by William Gibson

When I opened Virtual Light and, within the first five pages, read references to no less than five types of guns and two non-fatal weapons, I groaned. 981 more words

Science Fiction

Shadowrun Online Preview: First Impressions & Exclusive Q&A

Shadowrun Online is all about taking the cool single player experience that Harebrained Schemes laid out with Dragonfall and Shadowrun Returns and expanding that into the world of both co-operative and competitive multiplayer gaming. 25 more words

The Tragedy of Shirow Masamune - Going Too Far

I talked yesterday in length about how writers should look at trash in order to learn a few things about making our works memorable. If the writing is terrible, why does it leave an impression? 618 more words


'hong-kong' - 2014, wrote on used receipt until i ran out of room

The compound-guard’s eyes changed colour as Li crossed the short bridge to the thick, mechanised gate, suffocating street traffic left behind all of a sudden. Few had reason to turn onto the anachronistic wooden walkway, and the guard in front of the solid, maroon door was all it took to dissuade the curious. 906 more words

'axehead' - 2013, Bored at work

Ever hear that philosophical koan about the ship? A ship leaves port with lumber and a full crew. When it reaches the next port, rotten planks are replaced, crewmates leave and are similarly replaced. 203 more words

Top Ten Favorite AMVs on Youtube: #10 Ghost In the Shell featuring Stronger by Kanye West

Ghost In the Shell was the first anime I ever saw about section nine keeping the peace in a futuristic Tokyo Japan. Stronger is a cover of a song that was originally made by Daft Punk by Kanye West, a famous rap music artist. 42 more words

The V-Hammer [Comleted]

God, I love it when a project *really* works out. Case in point, the V-Hammer, instantly one of my favorite pieces.