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Virtual Borders, Virtual Wars | Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – an entertaining and effectively realized action-blockbuster, by all accounts – reminded me of just how much the idea of home is related to complete, all-out aggression. 727 more words



Cyborg bouncer goon
shaking me down for some creds
my wrist bones crackling


Character Generation Example Five - Shadowrun 5th Edition

Welcome back my few and loyal viewers.  Today we will be looking at Shadowrun 5th Edition, now I have a chequered history with this game, generally I’m in the camp of ‘Get your damn elves out of my Cyberpunk’ but I was encouraged by a friend to try out the Shadowrun Returns computer game on my Android table.  4,890 more words

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Shot of the day: James Bay (Cyber) Cafe

Cyber cafes: They actually still exist! Steffani Cameron snapped this shot of Victoria, BC favourite James Bay Coffee and Books two weeks ago. It’s odd that a cyber anything would be retro, but that’s a side effect of living on internet time. 37 more words


Zibelthiurdos the Skybane, Complete!

A long time in the making, this one, but well worth it! A long time ago, I was making a movie. That fell through but the props remained intact… except for the unfinished Zibelthiurdos. 90 more words

A Short Review of Headcrash

Headcrash by Bruce Bethke

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m so pissed off I read this book. It took a real stretch of imagination to buy into the virtual reality world the author creates, but then you reach the ending and it’s so insanely stupid, you wonder what the hell you just did and why. 403 more words