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Chronicles of the Guardians: An Uncertain Future- Chapter 1

by: CJ Fogarty


I pull in outside of the Alley Cat Club. It’s not crowded, though, I hear this place never is. Getting out and handing the keys to my Nissan FE- New Frontier to the bear of a valet. 3,887 more words


Chronicles of the Guardians: An Uncertain Future- Prologue

by: CJ Fogarty


The club has a large crowd here tonight. It isn’t crowded. No, the Alley Cat never gets crowded. The customers, mostly the male ones, like to say that it’s some power of mine that keeps the crowd manageable, the atmosphere classy, and the money disappearing only out of the sleazier hands. 1,517 more words


Recorded memories prove invaluable in dystopian murder mystery

By Richard Ades

Following the world premiere of Memory Fragments last week, playwright Sam Wallin described the mystery as an example of “cyberpunk.” He explained that this is a form of science fiction that mixes a futuristic setting with elements of film noir. 546 more words


Ready Player One

Easter Egg Heaven

(Originally posted at Kosmonaut.blog.com 29. May 2014)

A friend of mine recommended this book a while ago. And eventually, after forgetting about it, my gf gave it to me. 764 more words

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