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Cybersecurity Awareness: Access Control

Numerous media outlets have reported the recent FCC action fining Marriott International $600,000 for blocking consumer Wi-Fi networks including cellphone based hotspots. Relatively few reported the additional technical… 397 more words


Better Smartphone Security Through Biometrics

The concept of using biometrics, such as fingerprints, for heightened security is not a new one. Laptops with integrated fingerprint scanners have been around for a decade… 234 more words


How Obama Helps Americans Stay Safe(r) with Chip and PIN Cards

Good news everyone!

While the United States are leading the way on many fronts, there are some important things where our government and companies are falling behind the rest of the world. 220 more words


Cyber101: Why Cybersecurity is so Hard

For the complete White Paper (“Angel Investing in Cybersecurity: Understanding the Technology”), please check out Mach37.com

Why is cybersecurity so hard? Lots of reasons of course, but they mainly boil down to asymmetries, business imperatives, and risk. 457 more words


With This Tiny Box, You Can Anonymize Everything You Do Online - BY ANDY GREENBERG October 2014


No tool in existence protects your anonymity on the Web better than the software Tor, which encrypts Internet traffic and bounces it through random computers around the world. 355 more words


Russian hackers target NATO, Ukraine and others: iSight - BY JIM FINKLE BOSTON Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:05am EDT

(Reuters) – Russian hackers exploited a bug in Microsoft Windows and other software to spy on computers used by NATO, the European Union, Ukraine and companies in the energy and telecommunications sectors, according to cyber intelligence firm iSight Partners. 328 more words


"Best Of" Cybersecurity Awareness: Sci Fi

Science Fiction is the soul of technology. From Jules Verne and the moon landing to Ray Bradbury and the quest for life on Mars; from the Command and Control capabilities on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise to the predictive analytics of the movie Minority Report, science fiction has envisioned, informed and inspired the future of technology. 582 more words