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Kelly & Cal (2014)

This Indie flick tells the story of Kelly (Juliette Lewis), a young suburban housewife, adjusting to her new maternal situation while reminiscing on cooler days as a wild high school punk rocker. 422 more words

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Venice Film Review: 'One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich and the Lost American Film'

In this new century of splintered viewing and distribution options, it’s harder than ever for modern films to be truly lost — but our regard for them can be, which is what director Bill Teck argues nearly happened to Peter Bogdanovich’s dry-but-sparkling 1981 romantic comedy “They All Laughed.” How it fell from public and critical view, only to be retrieved by a passionate new generation of champions, is the ostensible subject of Teck’s enjoyable if inelegantly assembled doc “One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich and the Lost American Film,” though it expands into a chatty examination of the filmmaker’s post-peak career, and the emotional aftermath of his ill-fated affair with “Laughed” star Dorothy Stratten. 492 more words

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Taxi Driver (1976)

Director – Martin Scorsese

Writer – Paul Schrader

Often voted highly as one of the best films ever made, and rightly so, Taxi Driver needs little introduction or explanation as to its content (it’s a guy driving a taxi), but perhaps more detail could be given as to just why this film is so highly regarded. 372 more words


Vintage Movie Poster: 'Taxi Driver' 1976

From IMDB:

A mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran works as a night-time taxi driver in New York City where the perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge for violent action, attempting to save a preadolescent prostitute in the process. 226 more words

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Trailer Review: Kelly & Cal

Juliette Lewis becomes a cougar in the suburbs in Kelly & Cal. After moving to a rural area with her husband and newborn, she finds herself not fitting in the community. 88 more words


The Last Picture Show (1971)

“Y’see? You shouldn’t have come here. I’m around that corner now. You’ve ruined it and it’s lost completely. Just your needing me won’t make it come back.” – Ruth Popper (Cloris Leachman) 502 more words