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Justice League #29: CHW's Top Pick This Week!

One Word. Cyborg.

Forever Evil has has been sweeping through the “New 52!” for quite some time now. Justice League, one of DC’s flagship books, just released issue #29 and Cyborg has more than solidified himself as a total BAMF in the DC Universe. 286 more words


Become an emotional cyborg with wearable digital eyes

Why bother with Google Glass, when AgencyGlass lets you convey emotions through digital eyes? Dr. Hirotaka Osawa wants to help people look happy even when they’re not. 6 more words

Review: Justice League #29

Written By: Geoff Johns

 Pencils By: Doug Mahnke

 Color By: Rod Reis

 Published By: DC Comics


Review by Justin Chapman


If you’ve been reading Justice League… 412 more words


Psyborg Salmon

Psyborg Salmon
February 2014
Drawing, digital colouring


Chapter One

          I knew there was something wrong immediately as I entered our tiny flat. The tension and sorrow was all over in the air and the way mum was sitting on the couch hunching forward, staring at nothing gave me an ominous feeling. 923 more words

Thursday Comic

After I started drawing this, I thought for a minute about whether it was demonstrating old fashioned, sexist roles. Then I got over it and decided it didn’t matter… I just like the play on words.


Robotics for mobility assistance

A mind-controlled exoskeleton piloted by a paralyzed person is scheduled to make the ceremonial opening kick at the World Cup this June. There is some skepticism in the article I linked, but it could bring the idea of assistive robotics to a huge audience. 117 more words

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