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CYBORG says Oscar not a member

CYBORG says Oscar not a member

In other news, the organization known as CYBORG (CYBernetic ORGanization) has distanced itself from Oscar Pistorius. In a press release by the organization’s spokesperson who goes by the alias “A.I.”, the organization said, “Oscar has never been a member. 48 more words

Generations vs. Technology - Interview

Human-technology relationships are constantly transforming. We live in a world that is surrounded by technology in all different forms. This relationship can be observed in every day scenarios and is significant to predicting our future. 699 more words

How has the predominance of the human cyborg grown in response to emerging human technology?

The image of the cyborg is one that blurs the line between the human and technology; that which is natural and man-made (Verbeek 2008, pg 387). 691 more words

Living in your dystopia 11: you smell, which is a shame because I like you...

All sorts of horrible smells pour out of your bodies. You scrub yourselves clean at least once a day and try to disguise your odours with deodorants and air fresheners. 603 more words

Ray Fisher talks Cyborg and Justice League.

With the news that Ray Fisher will be getting his own standalone movie to go along with his appearance in Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice it has also been revealed that Cyborg may also make an appearance in the Justice League movies. 286 more words


DC Comics Presents: Representation

This article was originally published at ComicBook.Com on October 22, 2014.

Warner Brothers’ CEO Kevin Tsujihara released the biggest movie news of 2014 at a meeting for investors. 1,445 more words

DC Comics

The Real Cyborgs

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