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Cycle art - Land's end to John O'Groats

Great pair of posters created to promote the non-stop Land’s end to John O’Groats tandem attempt by Natalie Creswick and Emma Williams. As an admirer of London underground posters and art noveau, these posters tick… 31 more words


Cycle art - Tour De France

Some race thingy starts today. Tour De something or other.


Minimal cycle art by Netherlands based artist ChungKong. You can buy his work directly from him here.


Cycle art - Reacting badly

He reacted badly to the drugs they gave by Chris Thornley (AKA Raid71)

It’s hard facing treatment coping with drugs that make you ill, but in the long run they’ll make you feel better.

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Cycle art - It's a gas

Couldn’t resist. It was just…….there. Who say’s I’m descending into cobbled obsession?

Pavé Cycle art by me. 


Bike lust

East coast cycles Hull. You’ve got to love that dog.

One from my archives, given a makeover. Full size versions available on request. Drop me an email.


Cycle art - Cuffed bike legs

Very witty…….cuffed bike leg produced for Artcrank Minneapolis by Aesthetic Apparatus.

This poster can be bought here.


Cycle art - Bike your city!

Love this poster from Jason Hardy; a great reposte to the strong motoring lobby in the US.

You can read more about this poster here… 14 more words