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The Awesome-ness that is Flywheel

Flywheel. For friends of mine they know the name by heart- I talk about it constantly. They hear me rave about how amazing it is and how addicted I am. 603 more words


Cycle of Love

Cycle of love… it does terminate in expectations. Well, expectations are inevitable…some end well, some sad.

Again, what I am expressing here is merely my thought. 517 more words


Absolute Beginners Cycling

Absolute Beginners Cycling
Ebook, teaching people how to start a new hobby riding a bike for health and fitness and fun

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if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) 77 more words

Love Cycle

on the photo above states the ever killing love cycle.

ask me why did I call that “Ever Killing Love Cycle” because that’s the worst thing that a man can undergo. 91 more words


Ironman Training Update

I’ve been banging on a lot about the increased workload now that Ironman is….wait for it…. 6 weeks away! (Cue scary music: dun, dun, duuunnnnnn) I don’t know where the time has gone. 224 more words


A Cooler Self

Life is about being plugged into a crowd that at times it seems that one can’t unplug form it. Marshall McLuhan was the only Philosopher that had experiance with technology or distractions. 279 more words