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When the atom bombs finally went off, mankind had the audacity to act surprised. There was mass panic and chaos all across the globe. Some people took to the streets, running as if they could actually escape the destruction. 603 more words

Robin Jeffrey

WEEK 13: Conversation with Artist

Unlike other colorful paintings and drawings around it, “Cyclical Nature” by Jeff Dull stands out because of its mysteriousness.

In his painting, it seems that there are only four basic colors: red, blue, black, and white. 259 more words

ART 110

Cyclical Vs. Terminal Assessment

Cyclical Vs. Terminal Assessment

Teachers every now and then give assessments to their students in a way they discern to be beneficial on both parties at the end. 222 more words

Reflections Insights And Realizations

Cyclical Conversations

Madden likes to talk in cyclical conversations. Ones that are constant and never changing, that have no beginning and no end. His favorite topic right now is seasons and holidays. 295 more words

Round and Round We Go

Most trends tend to be cyclical. For instance, bell bottoms vs. straight leg or skinny jeans, every ten to twenty years we decide that keeping the bottoms of our pants close to our ankles or far away from them is in our out of fashion. 370 more words

A Cyclical Conundrum

 How do you choose what’s important when trying to take actions towards a better world? Anti-Capitalism/consumerism/materialism, social issues, environmental issues? Intolerance, prejudice, lack of freedom? Each one is as important as the other or intrinsically linked and cannot be separated. 237 more words



HEROES walking so softly
l i ke
my feet cry like my heart
consequently ourLife demand
in bed the dreams make
breakfast for us… 134 more words