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The lighthouse

One of the abiding memories I have are of the lighthouse on Kovalam beach in Kerala that I visited five years ago. Mom, dad and I reached the beach, wandered all over, spied the overpriced knick-knacks in the stalls, and watched the sunset. 303 more words


Olympus shall fall

How quickly does the one become,

Another lesser, fouler thing,

When we ourselves have chose to change?

How quickly did the titan vast,

Become a thing of hell and filth, 129 more words


8 ways Breakfast at Tiffany's is exactly like today

It’s 1961 again!

Fashion is truly cyclical. Of course we are all aware of this already, but this thought was further reinforced when I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s the other day. 522 more words


Why were the African's "decivilized" en route [from Egypt]?

Regression is also an historico-sociological phenomenon that the specialist has a duty to explain, whenever it is objectively detected. This is indeed pertinent here. Let us remain in the valley of the Nile, where the phenomenon is even more apparent.

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