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Bums on the Saddle - The Wheels of Change

Over the past decade or so, the art of marketing and brand building has taken a completely different turn, especially when it comes to selling premium value products. 1,242 more words


Cycling safety begins with drivers

Deaths and serious injuries suffered by cyclists involve motorised vehicles in about 84% of cases. It’s therefore no stretch to say that cycling safety starts behind the wheel. 355 more words


Day 56: St. John’s to Argentia Ferry

Our day started with final packing and a bit more cleaning of the RV. Timo and I dropped Richard and Rob’s bikes off at the airport. 186 more words


We hiked the PCT! Well, a tiny bit of it...

Recently CFL and I made yet another trip to southern Oregon. It was bittersweet in a sense. We’d made so many trips down that way to see my dad over the past two years, and now we were returning less than two weeks after he’d passed away.  1,078 more words


Week 14 - Day 1

Spin Class – 55min

I don’t know why I do spin classes instead of riding outside. Maybe because I’d push harder for longer with a group of people than by myself? 367 more words


On Possibility

I have been thinking a lot lately about possibility. How I go about determining what is possible for certain, what seems possible but hard, what is unlikely, and what is impossible. 3,679 more words


A long-held belief confirmed today

I’ve always believed that the vast majority of drivers do not hate cyclists, it’s just that they don’t consider them, they don’t look out for them, and they don’t always know what to do when they approach them. 308 more words