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Prudential Ride London Surrey 100

What a ride! We had rain, thunder, crashes and punctures but that didn’t dampen the spirit. I could definitely say it was the best ride yet despite all of the set backs. 307 more words

Generalisation is fun!

If you are a cyclist, think:

Pedestrians – are always trying to kill themselves.
VAN drivers – are always trying to kill you.
Cyclists – are always trying to beat you. 59 more words

Cycling In London

Anti-puncture tyre

Look what my Schwalbe Marathon Plus caught on the road.

The road in London is littered with sharp debris like this.

I’ve managed to cycle with this stud deeply embedded into the tyre for more than 5 mins. 157 more words

Cycling In London

Shouty Bugger

Evening rush hour:

When I was approaching a busy crossing, I saw an old guy slowly crossing at the very end of the signal change. 220 more words

Cycling In London

It's behind you!

I was signalling turn right while slowing down at a junction when this female cyclist came from behind and shouted, “mind your behind!” and  took over me from the right. 127 more words

Cycling In London

Remember your roots

I believe cyclists should give priority to pedestrians.

Not because it’s the law but it’s a plain common sense.

Simply put, every cyclist was once a *full-time* pedestrian, and will be so again when we become too old to ride. 717 more words

Cycling In London