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A HGV on the side was signalling to coming into my lane so I slowed down followed by a wham given by a cyclist who didn’t see me slowing down and clipped my handlebar. 81 more words

Cycling In London

Classic Black cycling bib tights

First full week back in the office so back on the bike and what a week it has been. There is certainly a change in not only the amount of layers needed to ride here to being in the warmer weather but there is a noticeable lack of colour in what the cyclist are wearing. 447 more words

Cycling Lycra

How to change gear on Boris Bikes (TfL Cycle Hire)

While travelling with momentum (w/o pedalling), rotate the rubber parts on the grip near your right-hand thumb.

Did you know? I didn’t!

Cycling In London

Me Fail

Got a new tyre – turned out the frame size of a bike is not the same thing as the tyre size.

Cycling In London

Gave the police a chase

Nahh, joke. The police car was just following right behind me all the way on a long stretch of one-way road.

They’ve been surprisingly patient, gave me enough distance and never tried to take over – other drivers often do that on this stretch, so I appreciate their patience. 144 more words

Cycling In London

You can thank God the meeting about cycling in Richmond Park didn't become a bunfight

Strange times in Richmond this week, where a public meeting to address the tensions between cyclists and motorists in Richmond Park ended with panellist and GLA cycling commissioner… 773 more words