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How the Fall Season Can Help You  Manage Over Reaching and Over Training 

At the beginning of the race season, enthusiasm and energy is high!  About the mid-season point, accumulated season fatigue catches up with most racers… 482 more words

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An Amazing Workout: Some More Thoughts on Lactate Clearance and Tempo Efforts

A few days back, I had an amazing ride on my favorite course in Carnation, Washington.  It’s a 12-mile loop that takes me just under 30 minutes to complete– but time isn’t the important number to me.   1,943 more words

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Racing Smarter with a Power Meter

Part of being faster when you’re older involves being smarter when you’re older.  Of all the sports in triathlon, the one that has benefitted the most from technology is cycling– and no piece of modern cycling equipment (except possibly aerobars) makes as much of a difference as a power meter.   1,806 more words

Cycling Training

Why You Should Consider (Really) Short Cranks

A while back, I was visiting with my physical therapist and chatting with him about my aching hip flexors.  I had recently raced the Washington State Time Trial Championship… 1,301 more words

Cycling Training

A few simple steps to get the utmost fitness with the help of indoor cycling training

While nothing comes even close to the thrill of indoor cycling training outside, you may get all the health advantages through indoor cycling that you want. 529 more words


Cycling tips for better fun- health- and adventure

Cycling is an excellent eco-friendly and fun approach to see any city. Not only will it present a town in a diverse perspective, but it’s faster than walking and thus more sightseeing and tour can be carried out in a shorter period of time. 528 more words


Purposeful Carbohydrate Depletion

Yesterday, a post came across the Running Writings site that piqued my interest. It was about the weekly long run— a ritual of marathon runners— and it suggested that we all do them wrong. 501 more words

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