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Significance of indoor cycling training

Indoor cycling is considered as one of the best and highly recommended in-house exercise which is quite healthy and you can lose weight speedily by the same. 521 more words


The Art of Cycle Coaching

Among all the professional sport disciplines – cycling is one of the apparently most straightforward ones. But there are various steps and levels of how to be an efficient individual to handle cycle coaching. 487 more words


Train yourself rightly with the perfect Indoor Cycling Training

For the indoor cycling training high chances are of:

  • Pop in your 4th Season of ‘Mad Men’
  • Hopping on your trainer
  • Pedaling for a short while or at least as long as you can continue such…
  • 473 more words

Consistency: The Secret Sauce to Your Best 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race?

What makes for a successful first 100 mile mountain bike race?  Is it riding a ton of trails? Picking the best race?

Or maybe, it’s knowing the difference between riding and training.   345 more words

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Some cycling tips for a better cycling session

The cyclists who you see swooping around your locality always did not have that wiry calf or reflexes like a ninja. At some time they also had to learn the different ways to cycle smartly, to clip their feet into those curvy squared pedals. 479 more words


How to Choose an effective Cycle Training Program

Are you preparing for a cycling race that is coming soon? Well, if you are, you should have started preparing already. But remember, the way you prepare is just as important as how you prepare. 484 more words


Jane's enchanted Tea Garden worked it's magic :)

Over the last few weeks our weekends seem to have developed a familiar rhythm. We congregate on Friday night happy to be together and excited for the weekend’s training, but invariably something happens… 337 more words