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Flat ain't FUN

Several weeks ago, I read my friends blog about cycling.  He and his daughter were attempting to bike from Texas to Florida.  He mentioned that hills were good… (See… 547 more words

2014 Lake Metroparks Lighthouse Triathlon Recap

July of 2012 marked my first triathlon experience. Undertrained and emotionally drained from having recently lost my dad, I forged forward and finished the race. The swim nearly killed me – I lost my goggles, had to accept help from a lifeguard on a kayak, you name it, it went wrong. 1,675 more words

La Sacrée Finale

From the moment my tires first touched the hallowed cobblestones of the Champs-Élysées in 1991, I knew they were something special. For me, it was the beginning of my career as a bike racer, my first few days in Europe, in Paris, and the fulfillment of a dream to race bicycles in France. 351 more words


Life with a Hardcore Cyclist: A Spooky Tale

I am curious if anyone else has ever experienced something like this…it’s entirely possible this one is unique to me.Even if it is, I hope you enjoy this latest comic. 125 more words


Fear is Good

Sharks are incredible creatures. Constantly moving, sharks are silent and fast. They blend with the environment, almost invisible until it is too late. When another creature is in their area of operation, it must be considered prey. 421 more words


#irideYEG - Deborah Merriam

What is your commute like?

10-20 min. I don’t really bike *commute*, but I do use my bike for grocery runs and trips to the farmers market. 451 more words


130 Miles to Laredo, Pixi Version

This is a guest post by Pixi, one of two co-adventurers who accompanied me on the 130 mile ride to the Mexico border. 

In one of the last emails before the 3-day bike trip across southern Texas, André wrote to Blake and me: 1,977 more words