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I am Not my Hair

When I first told my kids that I had cancer, one of the first questions they asked me was if I was going to lose my hair. 470 more words

Breast Cancer

Not being able to make Plans: Angry Rant #2

Having come back from uni to do my chemo-treatment-thang for the lupus nephritis, I understand that I’m pretty booked up till at least June, what with all of the appointments, blood tests and various clinics. 177 more words

Port Support

I am sitting in my quiet house, remembering a special moment with a smile on my face, so I thought I would share this happy moment. 247 more words

Breast Cancer

Bad Breaks, Set Backs, and Side Effects

That feeling of well-being that I had on Sunday morning, when the sun was rising beautifully and the birds were singing, and I momentarily felt like all was right with the world, was short lived. 576 more words

Breast Cancer

Round One - Ding

The day had arrived, Tuesday, March 18th, for round one of chemotherapy.  Part of preparing for, and, hopefully, countering the effects of chemo, involves taking steroids, beginning the day before chemo and continuing for 5 days.  971 more words

Breast Cancer

This post is close to us...

A drug that can help wipe out reservoirs of cancer cells in bone marrow.

News on this study was exciting for our family. Imagine a drug (cyclophosphamide ) that is already created and used, sitting right under our noses, and it can trick the immune system and find hidden tumor cells in bone marrow.   134 more words