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Advantages of War

Fifty years ago, humans created robots to make our lives easier. These robots built our homes and roads and cars. They cared for our children and the rest of us. 715 more words

A review of the Battlestar Galactica reboot

I wrote this review of the Battlestar Galactica reboot shortly after the series finale in 2009, for Death Ray #19. The show was not entirely successful. 565 more words


Wanna live forever (well, at least 30% longer)?

Immortality beckons. It’s that one thing unattainable to all of us. No matter how lucky, rich, or good looking we are, the odds are 99.999999% that we will die (there’s always the slimmest of┬áchances that someone, somewhere has outsmarted death). 337 more words

Cylon Worldstar

This is a model by Novastar from the Star Ranger forum.

A really impressive piece of resin!…along side a smaller Colonial vessel, also from Novastar.

Battlestar Galactica

The Missing Link: September 2014

Welcome to the September 2014 edition of The Missing Link, the article that’s meant to give you new stuff to watch, read, and listen to that you may have missed out on, or just something new for you to do until that new season of Arrow starts, or until that new issue of your favorite comic comes out. 1,812 more words

Battlestar Galactica