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This Week in Movie Trailers - Cymbeline, Stewart, and a Songwriter

Featuring unexpected first-time directors, a highly anticipated sequel, an energetic take on one of Shakespeare’s rarely produced plays, and Steve Carell as a super creep. 530 more words

This Week In Movie Trailers

Trailer Round Up (1st-7th September 2014)

Welcome to the first in our new weekly posts where we give you a round up of the movie trailers that have come out this week! 13 more words

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Hot Venice Trailer: Ethan Hawke, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris In 'Cymbeline'

The Cymbeline crew landed on the Lido today for the premiere of Michael Almereyda’s modern re-telling of one of Shakespeare’s later plays. Guns take the place of daggers, and dirty cops and a drug dealing biker gang stand in for 16th century Britons. 162 more words

Movie Trailers

Watch Ethan Hawke go Shakespearean (again) in 'Cymbeline' trailer

Ethan Hawke is no stranger to Shakespearean interpretations onstage or onscreen, and he’s at it again with Cymbeline, re-teaming with his Hamlet director Michael Almereyda. 159 more words


Venice Film Review: 'Cymbeline'

One might expect the plottiest of Shakespeare’s plays to make the ploddiest of bigscreen adaptations, but Michael Almereyda — who turned Hamlet into a sulky Gen-Xer back in 2000 — brings a light touch to his second contempo refresh of the Bard. 829 more words


Trailer: Ethan Hawke, Dakota Johnson, Ed Harris and Milla Jovavich in 'Cymbeline'

Ethan Hawke might just be the king of the modernized adaptation. He was in Alfonso Cuaron’s Great Expectations, a film I really like. Then there was that version of… 88 more words


Cymbeline Trailer and Impressions

My Thoughts:
These “Shakespeare in the modern day” movies have never really been my thing. But this one looks like it might be worth a look, even if it is being directed by the same man who thought it was a good idea to have Hamlets “to be or not to be…” speech done in a Blockbuster. 64 more words