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Gulag 13

A strange locale, no one knows when Gulag 13 appeared in Purgatory or even if it was constructed in the wastes by some group of people at one time or another. 218 more words


Counting down the days

Yesterday marked 10 days until the release of the Dictionary, and I planned to post a summary of where we are at at that point. However, by the time I’d finished reviewing and finalizing 699 forms of Joan for inclusion, it was time to call it a night! 473 more words


Metric Symbols, International?

The main idea behind the metric system is that it was a system “for all people, for all time” — part of this is achieved through the use of international symbols to represent each unit and unit prefix. 567 more words


Linear and Complex Languages - A Brief Introduction

In my post explaining ‘Language Experience’, I had exemplified some ‘complex’ languages such as Indic languages, or Perso-Arabic, or the South Asian or the East Asian ones. 267 more words

Indic Languages

You need to be more Pacific

Recently, Nick from X Over it featured on his blog a typewriter with an interesting case that had a handle that could extend out and become a shoulder strap – a convertible handbag if you will – that held a… 693 more words