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I can read! (Almost.)

I read a sentence today in Macedonian!!

I also celebrated like Will Ferrell finding out Santa is coming to town. It was really normal. Luckily, my first-week roomies have already adjusted to my weird outbursts. 369 more words

The Great Return (again)

All right, so I was about a year premature in reviving this blog, but now it’s the real deal as I’m actually taking Russian again. Starting from the ground up because my foundation, like a delicious crème brǔleé, looks nice and solid but one nice crack to the surface and the whole thing falls to pieces revealing the soft gooeyness underneath. 84 more words

Croatia: No Referendum But Vukovar Gets A Chance To Regulate Against Serbian Cyrillic

Croatia’s Constitutional Court on Tuesday 12 August finally ruled on the Committee for the Defence of Croatian Vukovar initiative seeking referendum aiming at removing Serbian Cyrillic script signs from public office building – the Committee had gathered more than 650,000 signatures in their effort to seek a referendum and presented those signatures to the Croatian parliament back in December. 1,443 more words

Russia Adventure: Backpacking Tips

Considering it took us three months to plan our one-week trip to Russia, I’d rather put this in writing in order not to forget and probably even help some travelers out there! 742 more words


Alphabet Cards

 How to make my super awesome alphabet cards.

 Create these alphabet cards to help you learn the Serbian Azbuka and Abeceda. When I created my cards I used a rainbow pattern to give me clues to the order of the alphabet. 399 more words

Cyrillic Alphabet



Nick Waterford was an American artist who arrived in Varna to teach a seminar on paper making. It was an exchange programme and Nick had to produce a detailed account upon his return to the US. 271 more words


Croatia: No-Serbian Cyrillic On Public Buildings Gains Meritorious Momentum

The Croatian parliament had July 15 decided to hand the sensitive matter of whether or not to hold a referendum against the use of the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet on state offices in the city of Vukovar to the Constitutional Court. 981 more words