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Less than a Month!

Suddenly this is starting to feel real, people. My departure to Bulgaria, which once felt like a distant milestone, is now merely 3 weeks away. 334 more words

Qatıq var - we have yoghurt

On an evening tour with Martha in Bineqedi, a village north of Baku, we saw this sign at a local fruit and vegetable shop, telling us that they have also… 237 more words

Daily Life

«Италия кириллицей»(«Italia in Cirillico») в Москве / "Italy in Cyrillic" in Moscow

Вчера, 25.06,  Ассоциация “Познаём Евразию”, совместно с ЗАО “Банк Интеза”, Ambasciata d’Italia a Mosca – Посольство Италии и Итальянским  институтом  культуры представили  в Москве библиографию  «Италия кириллицей»(«Italia in Cirillico»). 26 more words

God's Love (GAGAUZI: Bible NT 2006 (Cyrillic)

GAGAUZI: Bible NT 2006 (Cyrillic)

John (Иоан) 3:16

16 Зерӓ Аллах ӧлӓ пек севди бу дӱннейи, ани верди бириӂик Оолуну, ки херкези, ким инанаӂэк Она, кайбелмесин, ама дивеч йашасын.



I’ll tell you now, this entry won’t have the zing of the last entry because after we got into Plovdiv, things mellowed out considerably. We finally arrived just after midnight. 959 more words

Marx, Plato, rice papers & Cyrillic alphabet

Twenty-twelve, April

Some evenings, she sits there, like the two halves of an apple, each half yearning to be reunited with the other.