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Cyrus's Journal - 11/18/1901

Freedom. Such a loaded word. Been trying to think of a more dangerous so called unalienable. All types of folks have fought and bled to get it, but looking back through history, seems the best part of that struggle is the fight itself. 459 more words

Town History

AUDIO - Best Music Crew - #CFA (Rands And Naira Cover)

BestMusic crew #RandsAndNaira cover,(Cyrus, MicMonsta, SlimBeatz and Ewube)
Remake by SlimBeatz


Miley Cyrus Explores, Poses With Fans, Gets Root Canal & Rocks Nashville!

It is no secret that Miley Cyrus is still the Teen Queen.  This weekend she once again proved that she can infect do it all. She had the chance to get back to her roots in Nashville, Tennessee!   50 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News


Read  Daniel 4:1 – 6:28

Nebuchadnezzar praises of God, Daniel interpretation, Bekshazzar – N’s son takes over,  he see writing on wall, he dies as a result of blasphemy and Darius takes over, Daniel prays in violation of Darius decree and thrown into the loin’s den, Daniel is vindicated, his accusers and family are thrown to lions which went bad for them, Daniel is alive and lives during this king’s rule and Cyrus’ rule. 231 more words

Va'etchanan: Shabbat Nachamu - the mourning after cataclysm and the hope which remains

This week, the Shabbat after Tisha b’Av, we begin reading the series of seven haftarot of consolation – known by their Aramaic name : – sheva’ de’nechamta.  644 more words

Parashat Hashavua

Episode 3: A Smile That Stretches

Paper is a surprisingly durable medium. We at the PleasureTown Historical Society appreciate that the people of PleasureTown chose to commit at least some of their adventures to paper so as to provide is with a modicum of source material from which to extrapolate the town’s mysterious history. 56 more words