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Bon Anniversaire, Vlado!

This is my early birthday gift to Vlado, who was born 23 November 1920. Above is a special birthday drawing from Vlado’s father, one of my favorites, showing the United Nations building rising above the clouds. 278 more words

United Nations

The Thin Wall by R. Cyril West

R. Cyril West was in elementary school during the Vietnam War. His novel, The Thin Wall (Molon Labe Books, 336 pp., $12.95, paper; $2.99, Kindle), takes place at the height of the war in 1968. 444 more words


Czech Nurse Honoured for Sleeping with Nazi Soldiers to Give Them STDs and Kill Them

An unnamed Czech nurse has been honoured by her community for her radical method of bringing down the Nazis that invaded her town in the 1930s. 135 more words

20th Century

The world in 100 stamps: 2: Brahms

Before Czechoslovakia became Czechia and Slovakia in 1993 this stamp was released 1983:

German componist Johannes Brahms. Anniversary stamp released in a country next to Poland to go on in my virtual journey around the world in 100 stamps.


Woman stabs teen at Czech school

Prague – An unidentified woman stabbed and killed a 16-year-old male student at a Czech high school and injured three other people on Tuesday, a police spokeswoman said. 76 more words