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You dirty rat bastard, Mitch McTurtle!

From Business Insider:

This dude is one of those gentile, aw shucks, plain spoken douchebags but as we can see from this headline he knows how to play the game. 12 more words

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Obama conducts full pro-1% Presidency and they lynch him for it!

From CNBC here:

You can”t win with these motherfuckers.

Damned if you kiss their ass, damned if you don’t.

What has really failed are the collective policies of our ruling class — excessive warmongering, a hollowing out of our industrial base by outsourcing, favoring speculation over labor, and my favorite, the frickin’ bailout. 28 more words

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71% of Americans are correct

From CNBC here:

Media cheerleading and an artificially inflated stock market have done as well as Bush did in Iraq.

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Look at our 'friends' who tortured for us after 9/11!

From the Guardian here:

Wow, we are some fickle bitches.

The dictators were gentlemen enough to get their hands bloody to help us after 9/11 and how do we repay them?   19 more words

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See, the mass surveillance works like a wet blanket!

From here:

People express themselves differently online than in person — mission accomplished.

Also, this supports my theory that more Americans appreciate what Snowden did than Uncle Sam and their bootlick media dingbats portray. 13 more words

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Maybe if the NYPD strangles some more black men then NYC will be ready for the Democratic National Convention

From MSNBC here:

Captain Ed Mullins, head of the Sergeant Benevolent Association!

Let’s get back to some stop and frisk, let’s get back to some shooting black men, let’s get back to some general Mayor Michael Bloomberg police state ball busting on all its citizens.

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