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Doesn't that just make you feel warm and fuzzy/we're all on the same side?

From NBC News:

Who gives a shit, it’s just the working class, right?

It’s not like they need the money.

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Maybe I'll check my bank's Facebook page to see if they launder drug money!

From CNBC here:

I’m looking right at you HSBC!

Ah yes, we will be charging you an extra quarter point on your mortgage, bitch, because you stiffed your friend on Facebook and he ratted you out as an unreliable borrower.

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The Entertainment-Drone Complex!

From the Guardian:

Oh yeah, we want to piggyback on the grainy, black and white missile porn we’ve been fed for years.

Now, of course, a skeptic might say that using drones to film movies is a way to burnish the reputation of the flying death robot technology, but I’m not a skeptic. 15 more words

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Let's go on the Round 2 Iraq quagmire!

John Boehner, the Weeping idiot:

Oh yeah, this has been a high quality discussion about the roots and history of this group of terrorists (that we created!). 7 more words

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Why didn't Ferguson police chief apologize to Michael Brown's family in person?

From CBS News here:

Because the Ferguson police chief doesn’t really give a shit how Michael Brown’s family feels, he hired a PR firm and he’s trying to salvage his reputation with the general public by giving a half baked video apology. 27 more words

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Democrats continue the 'We totally suck but we're not them!' strategy

From Corrente Wire:

I guess you ride the best horse you have, but not being a total fascist doesn’t seem like it’s a very good horse.

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