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John Kerry needs a Senior Geritol yo

From the Guardian here:

Because they’re all bad?
Because they were all created by the USA?
Because they all kill people dead?

Okay, I give up how is climate change like ebola and ISIS?

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Less than 10 people on Central Park West watched us climate marchers go by

I guess they were all out in the Hamptons getting that last bit of sun.

Or maybe they didn’t want to be near a large group of the great unwashed in the hood. 8 more words

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Head of NFL Goodell joins Bush/Cheney and Wall St. heads in Liars Hall of Fame

From Slate:

That’s rarefied company right there when you’re lying at the level of war criminals and Wall St. honchos.

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Roger Goodell can harm more women than Ray Rice could ever dream of

Who influences the safety of more women? ¬†Goodell — the white guy.
Who fucked up at a much higher and more important level? ¬†Goodell — the white guy. 45 more words

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What PoPo Einstein thought of this name?

From the New York Times:

Jesus Christ, it sounds like they should have called it 24/7 Up Your Ass.


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