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Merrill Lynch's High-Yield Utility Stocks That Are Still a Good Buy

While the argument continues over when exactly the Federal Reserve will raise rates for the first time in 2015, one thing seems pretty clear to all. 804 more words


Cartas de amor aos mortos, Ava Dellaira

Alguns segredos só conseguimos contar aos nossos maiores ídolos.
Tudo começa com uma tarefa para a escola: escrever uma carta para alguém que já morreu. Logo o caderno de Laurel está repleto de mensagens para Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Bishop¿ apesar de ela jamais entregá-las à professora.

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Which religion is called Dharma ?

Dharma or Religion does not belong to any particular sectarian religious system. Then, what is meant by real religion? Religion means dharmaṁ tu sākṣād bhagavat-praṇītam . 231 more words


Testimonial : Dr. Dwini Handayani Arianto S.E., M.Si

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Testimonial ini tidak ditujukan sebagai sarana pemujaan individu maupun pembunuhan karakter. Testimonial ini bertujuan untuk membantu mahasiswa mempersiapkan diri dan antisipasi dalam menghadapi dosen yang bersangkutan dan untuk memberikan masukan obyektif bagi dosen. 19 more words

Dosen FEUI


By now the blackbirds are regular visitors at the windowsill, there are at least 3 (2 males, one juvenile) that I know of. Still they prove to be extremly shy and flee at the slightest move behind the window.

January 2015, Common Blackbird / Amsel, Ahlen


Don't mess with this Lady

Best Senior Moment I’ve ever heard!
Everyone needs this lady’s attitude occasionally!
There were protesters at the grocery store handing out
pamphlets on the evils of America. 141 more words

Despicable Me 2 (2013)


Despicable Me was surprisingly good. It blended a strange, almost subversive sense of humor with a sweet story and cool soundtrack to set itself apart from the animated pack. 720 more words

Rated C