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New Zealand in the digital vanguard

8 December 2014

The United Kingdom is hosting the inaugural D5 summit in London this week. The British Government has invited South Korea, Estonia, Israel and New Zealand as world leaders in providing digital public services – the newly coined D5. 425 more words

New engine top mount

Engine mounts are used as a way of dampening or removing engine vibrations from the driving experience. They are often developed as part of the NVH (noise vibration and harshness) programme. 317 more words


Anti skid service required

‘ANTI-SKID SERVICE REQUIRED’ along with a yellow warning triangle. This message didn’t appear during the test drive, choosing to surface only when I got home. By then, I was too far away and judging by how bad the place I bought it from are with regards to returning phone calls; I had little hope a redress. 1,087 more words


How to remove seized alloy wheels

‘Why is life never simple?’ I thought to myself. It seemed to be such an easy and small task to start with. All I wanted to do was to take the wheels off the car. 1,000 more words


Volvo flip key repair

One of the first problems I tackled was the lack of flip action from my flip key. I know it sounds petty, but there is nothing more disappointing than seeing it as it dangles there; hanging loosely in the breeze. 1,055 more words


Solving the killer boot

As part of this blog I must admit to you when I get things wrong and report on how I sorted it; keeping yourselves from making those same mistakes. 1,346 more words


D5 - Run

Love this, there’s something special about it, so relaxing.

Label: Delsin Records

Released: Apr 2006

buy: http://www.discogs.com/D5-Neutrino-EP/release/673403