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Deezy says: it's finally over!

So, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I know I know, my bad. You’re probably all like “what the hell man, where’d you go” right? Well I do apologize; this is a result of the last semester of my senior year for my Bachelor degree, and it’s been a judo kick to the face. 208 more words


Living Single? Try Living Social!


    We are liiiiiiivvviiiiiiiinnnggggg, siiinggglllleeeeeeeeee!!! While it’s no longer a 90′s kind of world (not counting Hipsters) and women seem to hate each other more than men (again, not counting Hipsters), it’s good to know that single living is still feasible in a City like New York. 594 more words


Da Undercard Presents: MC White Owl Pt.II

Here’s the second video from what I have officially dubbed “The MC White Owl Project”. Why have I done that you ask? Well, because there are multiple components that comprise this awesome collaboration between MC White Owl and I, including multiple video clips, two interviews, and a Da Undercard exclusive, the music video for his track “Beefeater & Tonic”. 45 more words