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The 8 silliest myths about Christianity

When you look into a subject, sometimes you’re shocked to find that the perceived wisdom of our day is totally and completely wrong. Totally. When I became a Christian, I discovered lots of these on the subject of my faith. 46 more words


Don't Burn The Books

Bad Students’ Listen

Although as kid I was a poor student with a well nurtured dislike of reading, I was always captivated by a good story. 818 more words

Apologetics For Kids

Ketika Isu Wabah Mengalutkan Detektif Seni

Judul               : Inferno

Penulis             : Dan Brown

Penerjemah      : Ingrid Dwijani Nimpoeno dan Berliani Mantili Nugrahani

Penerbit           : Bentang Pustaka

Cetakan           : cetakan kedua Oktober 2013… 464 more words


Days 6-7 - The Farkling Glass

Day 6
If you’ve either read or seen The Da Vinci Code, then you may remember that it ends at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. For the two people on earth who have neither read nor seen The Da Vinci Code, it ends at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. 1,826 more words


10 Eerie Items of Clothing from the Past

Fashion is a product of its time. Centuries from now, people are going to look back on us and wonder why we strangled ourselves with neckties, just like we can look back on the past and wonder why they wore nightmare fuel. 1,631 more words


That Time We Looked for Tom Hanks in Rosslyn, Scotland.

To tell you the truth I have no idea how this all started…

About a week or two into our time in St Andrews, in September 2012, we had a small group that was already forming and we decided to go out and explore Scotland. 1,023 more words