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Saucy Sausage

Is she or isn’t she ? We’ll find out today ! Four weeks ago yesterday Clover – Sausage (aka Rushley Restful)  went to meet Barack  – not Obama but her black and tan boyfriend aka posh pedigree Dachshund… 123 more words

Dachshund beach day

Dachshund, Doxies, DogBeach

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It’s HOT in Southern California. Hitting triple digits today we’re grateful the cool and refreshing… 137 more words


The best thing, the small things...

Things which are most enjoyable (that weren’t before when I was really ill) at the moment are being able to sleep on my side and having a shower (even though I have to use ye olde cling film to cover my… 88 more words

Dog park visit

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Today was just another quiet day at the dog park with my dachshund pack… 123 more words


DLR Life Report Update (1/14/13)

Chapter 2
Be It Ever So Humble…

(Originally posted January 14, 2013)

I’ve found that returning to my hometown, no matter the circumstances, always offers a sense of comfort. 1,697 more words

Disney Adventures

They Think This Is A Game

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

This morning, as I was standing watch in The Outdoor Domain, Brother Oliver came outside and joined me. 399 more words


Happy Hot Dog Day

I realize that National Junk Food Day was celebrated the day before yesterday, so I briefly wondered whether or not to write a backgrounder on National Hot Dog Day. 822 more words