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DACS: Continuing to Provide Catholic Education with Courage and Hope

Your Excellences, the Most Reverend Archbishop and Bishops of the Davao-Digos-Tagum-Mati Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction: Most Rev. Archbishop Romulo G. Valles, DD, Archbishop of Davao; Most Rev. George B. 2,750 more words


PS Audio DirectStream DAC Review

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“Taking a more detailed view into its sound, I’d also say that the DirectStream DAC sounds very controlled throughout the frequency spectrum including fit ‘n full bass response that is at once controlled and hefty”


Repeating information at lower levels description

Today I discovered a description pet peeve while testing how finding aid requesting will work with our Aeon implementation.

Almost every single folder in this collections starts by repeating the series name followed but more specific information for that particular folder. 297 more words

Legacy Data

Devialet 120 Integrated Amplifier-DAC Review

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“Once the music began to play, this quality continued to manifest. It’s hard to comprehend just how low a noise floor can go, especially compared to a top-flight integrated like my Hegel H300, which also measures exceedingly well.


JDS Labs Standalone ODAC Review

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“I can say I enjoyed listening to the ODAC and found it to be at once resolute, smooth, detailed, and relatively colorful in terms of its tonal spectrum.”


Tell Me

What can I say
Tell me
What can I say
I didn’t just appear
I was born
And bred
This way

I’m fucking done… 40 more words


iFi Audio (Micro), iUSB POWER, iDAC, and iCAN

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“The tonal balance remained unchanged. It’s not that the extra power acted as a filter or equalizer. Something else was happening. The instruments took shape and filled with content. 12 more words