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How We'd Spend Hermit Day, in 6 Words

Y’all love chocolate. Y’all love wine. A couple of you seem to love a massage, music, and yoga.

But overwhelmingly, if you have a Hermit Day, it’d be loaded with books, sleep, and alone time. 1,424 more words

Coach Daddy


Dear Adeline and River,

I am ridiculously good at Street Fighter II. I have yet to find another human being who can consistently beat me. The computer-controlled fighters present the only consistent challenge. 247 more words


The Let Down


I was a junior in high school the first time I read James Joyce’s Araby. At its core, it’s a short story about a boy in early 1900’s Dublin who likes a girl, and wants to get her a gift from the bazaar (street market). 602 more words

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Guest Post: Amy of Maisy Mak, on How to Beat Sugar Addiction

Amy of the Maisy Mak blog pretends to live by the ocean.

It’s easy to do. You just take a lot of pictures there and put them on your blog. 1,421 more words

Coach Daddy

Why River?

Dear River,

I recently viewed a documentary about three men who traveled to Iceland to kayak over waterfalls. They conquered angry rapids, shattered multiple limbs, and generally kicked a tremendous amount of ass. 326 more words

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Go Ask Daddy About Spidey Snot, Circular Mysteries and Mentos Messes

Rabia Lieber: Solutions for America.

OK, so maybe the author of the popular blog The Lieber Family isn’t running for U.S. Senate, but maybe she should. 699 more words

Coach Daddy

Negative Motivation


I want to drop you a quick note to let you know you don’t need to hunt for negative motivation to help you achieve your goals. 218 more words

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