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Fun with Fatherhood - Back to School Photos

I took the opportunity of school starting this week to get some photos of my boys. 6th grade and 3rd grade this year…they’re growing up fast. 8 more words


Dad, again!

Before another post from my husband, I want to take the time to make a bit of a retraction about a statement I made in one of my very first posts.   1,620 more words

A Dog in the Suitcase

Dear Adeline,

Fancy Nancy. It’s in that book. On the third page a shaggy dog sits inside of a brown suitcase. Every time we turn to this page, you point and laugh. 454 more words


Go Ask Dada, 'Cause Mama Doesn't Know Squat, or Vice Versa.

Tamara Like Camera here, happily filling in for Eli during his vacation. I remember when I first came to this blog, a long time ago and in a galaxy far, far away, and I worried that I would be laughed right out of here, due to my lack of knowledge (of any sort) of futebol or fatherhood. 1,330 more words

Coach Daddy

You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Countryside...

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend in London. Some friends were away and kindly let us borrow their flat. We have taken Anna a few times but not recently enough for her to really remember it. 1,049 more words


The Introduction of Charlotte Quinn


Young lady, you are grounded for life.

Your sister and brother give us the occasional scare. Hiding behind something while we’re in a store. Jumping from a high place. 682 more words

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There Are Things I Don't Have To Teach You Because You're American White Boys


We live in a racially confused society. We think that celebrating diversity is more about pointing out differences than recognizing humanity despite those differences. We think that progress is a solution rather than the beginning of an uphill climb. 560 more words

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