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How Our Kids Are Like Wildlife, in 6 Words

It’s a jungle out there.

Hell, it’s a jungle in here. Any parent will tell you that. In the course of a day, our kids can take many forms of wildlife: Docile as a fawn. 638 more words

Coach Daddy

Slave Driver

Audrey Rae, Braxton, and Charlotte-

Late July/early August is a crazy time for us.

It begins with Vacation Bible School in July (though it was in June for the first time this year. 749 more words


Go Ask Daddy About Ethnic Rugs, Cartoon Currents and Psy's Legacy

Dad advice sure isn’t trading well on the stock market these days.

Who am I kidding? Did Alex P. Keaton ever listen to Stephen Keaton on Family Ties? 758 more words

Coach Daddy

First post! Much wow!

I hope this blog can be a place where I can express myself (read:rant) and let the world know all about my adventures. Because really, the world should be made aware of  my failings at trying to ferment various vegetables and other kitchen activities. 163 more words

Still here.

I could (and will) tell you awesome stories about Liam about to start trialing time unattached from his ventilator, or how amazing his progress as we cruised towards the end of his school year. 291 more words

Special Needs

My Giggly, Frilly, Spiritual Wrecking Ball


I thought I would develop a clearer understanding of God as a father after I became a dad. That’s partially true. In reality, I am often more confused about God since I became your father. 1,028 more words

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All Girls and No Boys Makes Daddy Crazy… Happy?

Today’s guest letter comes from Chris Wiley, father of Lilah and Norah. Chris resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife, Rachel.

Lilah and Norah - 660 more words