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Our Family Stories, in 6 Words

Not a single F-bomb in the list.

When I tossed out this month’s prompt for 6 Words, I felt sure someone would include a little blue language. 860 more words

Coach Daddy

On Ferguson and Dinosaurs


I stayed up last night watching the news. Networks from all over the country converged on Ferguson, Missouri to document the reaction to a grand jury decision to not prosecute a police officer who fatally shot a young man. 542 more words

Ralph's Letters

Broken Mousy Robot

Dear Adeline,

We play a game. It’s called “Broken Mousy Robot,” and it is exactly how it sounds. The gist is to pretend that we are quite literally broken mouse robots. 434 more words


And Around the Bend…:When Things (Continually) Become Real

This past week we got to visit the birthing floor of The UVM Medical Center, seeing rooms, the NICU, and the post-pardum rooms…and that is when another level of “real” started to sink in. 263 more words

Thoughts And Feelings

Pas de kid pour toi

« …un bébé pour moi c’est comme un herpès génital : si j’en ai un, fine, j’vas vivre avec, mais j’veux pas voir ceux des autres par exemple. 

635 more words

Brevity Challenge: Did My Kids Just Sing That?

Did my kids really just sing this song?

This is part of Joyce Lansky’s Brevity Challenge.

The rules:


#1 Write ONE sentence or less on your post. 55 more words

Coach Daddy

How To Decipher Your Needs

Dear Adeline,

Wants and needs.

I wonder if the key to a happy life, if indeed that is the goal, is deciphering the two. Do you need this or do you want this? 794 more words

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