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Review and Giveaway: Coach Daddy Serves Up Gorton's

There comes a day in every dad’s life when chicken nuggets just won’t cut it with his kids.

That day arrived long ago for me. Chicken nuggets remain a stable fallback, but the kids will also destroy lots of Dad Food. 506 more words

Coach Daddy



I love the internet, I seriously do. For a guy who likes to just know things, because, you know, it’s fun to know things, the internet is a wonderful tool. 825 more words


Do You Hear That?

Raising a child is a noisy business.  The continuous cacophony of sounds is immense and never the same from one day to the next.  Pots and pans, wooden blocks, plastic cups, electronic gadgets, and the ever-present banging of one thing against another thing.   810 more words


Kind Act 1: Pictures For Grandad

Grandad Bill is Lucy and Jack’s Great Grandfather who has recently struggled with poor health. The poor fella spent all of Christmas in hospital, so on Christmas Eve, we asked the kids to draw pictures to cheer him up. 35 more words


On Criminals


The Bible says that Jesus was joined in crucifixion by two men. One to his right, and one to his left. All three men were condemned to die slow, painful deaths while put on display by abusive authority figures for the benefit of bloodthirsty onlookers. 611 more words

Ralph's Letters

On the Road Again: This Time, at The Meaning of Me


Few aspects in life are as polarizing. They’ve been fought over, ignored and tossed out, even left on the roof of a car as the oblivious driver took off. 140 more words

Coach Daddy

On the Road Again: This Time, at The Mom of the Year

Every now and then, I put down the pizza.

I’ll sling the soccer bag off my shoulder and think about other things. I think about more than Star Wars or disc golf. 182 more words

Coach Daddy