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Sometimes I don’t feel like a man.

Let me rephrase.

Sometimes I don’t feel very manly.

Much better. (Or is it?)

On your paternal side, you don’t exactly come from a long line of bookworms. 628 more words

Ralph Amsden

It's a Three-Peat!

The Worm is officially fwee years old!  Wow, time flies when you’ve got kids and they suck you into their personal black hole time-space vortex twenty-four hours a day!   586 more words


Underestimation = Motivation


I learned a harsh lesson last week.

Underestimation = Motivation.

In 4th grade I had a teacher named Mr. Stanton. On the first day of school he introduced himself, talked a bit about his personal interests, then told the students he hated the color purple. 912 more words

Ralph Amsden

YouTube Inspires a Letter to My Imaginary Daughter

Our guest post today is from Dan Locke, father to two boys, Samuel and Peter (with another on the way). Dan is the children’s pastor at Broadway Christian Church. 895 more words

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An important part of fatherhood is teaching — transferring skills and knowledge to your spawn. It takes a village to equip your offspring with the required social and emotional intelligence to navigate the world, but only you and your partner are responsible for fostering the child’s curiosity. 237 more words




First things first: Watch the show Hoarders. It’s entertaining, horrifying, and brilliantly cautionary. You do NOT want to be one of the people that has to be restrained while a hazmat team throws out a two decade old deceased pet you wrapped in pages from expired… 596 more words

Ralph Amsden

Introducing Alyssa Drew

At times it is hard to know where to start these, other times it is hard to know how so much time has passed without me writing. 1,091 more words