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"Am I Enough?"

This week my husband walks in the door after a long day at work to find: dishes piled in the sink, laundry all over the living room, the beef for dinner still in a frozen block, and me…looking like Frump Queen. 758 more words


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Awesome post. Not much that I can add - I think it's all there!  I can't speak for my wife, but I'm sure there were/are many days she has thought this way.

2 Days Past My Due Date

Yesterday your dad and I went to the mall. We thought it would be a good idea to walk around to see if that would help induce labor. 505 more words

Where are you, Baby?

Today is August 9th…your due date!  Where are you my little man?  Me and your dad have been (not so) patiently waiting for you to arrive.   480 more words

Like booking a Holiday... But way more expensive

Since my last post, things have been really quiet.

I liken the experience of having our first baby so far to booking a holiday, for the first few days you are mega excited, telling everyone and anyone, deciding what you are going to do when the holiday arrives. 287 more words


How time flies

A year ago today I was peeing on a stick.

I didn’t think anything of being a week & a half late. My body doesn’t exactly run like clock work. 253 more words


The morning we found out

I want to start this post off saying that this is me, flashing back, 7 months.  Yes, it’s been over 7 months since I last wrote and that upsets me terribly.  604 more words


9 months and counting.


I’ve said that word a million times in my life, as a verb, as an adjective, and on many occasions just because I can. But never have I meant the word more than when I saw that Blue Cross on the… 210 more words