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Dad-to-be = support-for-me (and baby): Engage your man!

A century ago, the word “pregnancy” was hardly spoken in public. It was said that a woman was in a “delicate condition” or she was “in the family way.” Birth usually took place in the home and she was usually surrounded by only women. 304 more words

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Pregnancy Gift For Him!

During my baby shower like many couples, I had my hubby come for the opening of the presents.  My mom surprised him with gifts.  Some things to make him feel special.   204 more words

Bonding Time With Dad and Baby

Anything your partner can do for your baby (except for breast-feeding), you can do, too. Among many other things, you can:

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Coping With Toddler and Newborn

Managing your toddler

If you’re pregnant and already have a toddler, the chances are you’re already having sleepless nights about how your older child is going to be affected by the new arrival — and also, how on earth you’re going to cope with yet another little person’s needs to juggle. 992 more words

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The Expectant Father

To all Fathers-to-be, please do take your time to read this article to the end. It could benefit you a great deal!

The way you communicate with your wife is going to influence her sense of security. 1,344 more words

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Surprising news

Yesterday I was back at UCLH for my overdue appointment. I didn’t realise but this included yet another scan, making 6 total. Far more than any of my friends at other hospitals (lucky us!). 228 more words