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Puro horror para esta família de 2,5Fisicamente somos 2, mas é impossível esquecer a existência de um terceiro elemento presente-mas-ainda-escondido (que por isso mesmo conta só por metade, apesar de já dar um trabalhão por inteiro!). 900 more words

Little Lazy Frog

Like booking a Holiday... But way more expensive

Since my last post, things have been really quiet.

I liken the experience of having our first baby so far to booking a holiday, for the first few days you are mega excited, telling everyone and anyone, deciding what you are going to do when the holiday arrives. 287 more words


How time flies

A year ago today I was peeing on a stick.

I didn’t think anything of being a week & a half late. My body doesn’t exactly run like clock work. 253 more words


The morning we found out

I want to start this post off saying that this is me, flashing back, 7 months.  Yes, it’s been over 7 months since I last wrote and that upsets me terribly.  604 more words


9 months and counting.


I’ve said that word a million times in my life, as a verb, as an adjective, and on many occasions just because I can. But never have I meant the word more than when I saw that Blue Cross on the… 210 more words


Things that you should never say to your pregnant partner

I’ve compiled a list of things that you should under no circumstances say to your expecting partner. I learnt the hard way so that you don’t have to! 387 more words

A Mans Guide To Pregnancy

The Day That My Life Changed.

I thought that some of you may be interested in hearing the story of how myself and my partner found out that we were going to be parents. 466 more words

A Mans Guide To Pregnancy