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burgeoning understanding

For thirty years in Australia Dad was not on Skype – now we’re chatting once or twice a week, understanding burgeoning across hemispheres. So much good, so much gratitude.

Misc Flux

My Heart Breaks For the Fatherless

I just don’t know where to start, but when I see or hear about people who just don’t have a father who really loves them and thinks they’re amazing; it pulls at and breaks my heart. 1,808 more words



A few days ago, my childhood best friend’s dad passed away.

When I first heard the news, I had no idea how to react. It was terrible news, of course, that much even I could perceive, but I didn’t truly feel anything. 843 more words


Let's Craft

My dad told me not to stop. “I know you’re starting work, but don’t stop writing; it’s a gift–use it.”  That’s what he said, and lately, I can’t shake those words.   400 more words


A Whole Week!!

Recently, my mom asked me if she could watch my son for a week. Sunday through Saturday. That’s the longest that he has been away from me and his dad. 481 more words

50 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

Not too long ago, on my mom’s 50th birthday I made her a list of 50 reasons why I love her so much. Yesterday was my dad’s 50th birthday, so now finally it’s my dad’s turn… 334 more words


oh deer

Found a new things on the internets to copy and write about, those “dear _____” lists. So, here goes.

- Dear Person I Hate

I don’t know you, yet. 373 more words