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Day 44 - #100HAPPYDAYS – Happy Birthday Dad, I miss you...

Today is Dad’s Birthday. I’ve been thinking of him for most of the week with this day coming up, it’s his first Birthday since he’s been gone. 301 more words


One-Way Ticket to LA

2 weeks ago was the first time our little lady had been away from her daddy for a whole week.

And for that matter, it was also the first time… 738 more words


It's been a relatively calm week

The preggers hasn’t done anything interesting this week. To be honest, I think I’m just used to all her mannerisms now. She puts her hands in these bowls filled with water so she doesn’t wake up with charlie horses in her wrists and she laughs at things that are really not that funny. 60 more words


The 3 Stages Of Being A Dad

I came across this in a conversation I had many years ago with a father of two. He was a happily married man with a very sharp wit. 43 more words

But why?

When my dad died, I felt I’d lost the chance to hear his story. I heard bits and pieces over the years, paid less attention than I should have, and when he passed I realized I was fuzzy on the details of some stories and missing out on others all together. 290 more words

The Glory of Children is Their Fathers

Kids need their dad to be their father.


The Glory of Children is their Fathers

. . . and the glory of children is their fathers. 339 more words

A Thought For Today

The Passed

We are only human. Skin, bone, muscle and a collection of other organic material that will conk out eventually. We are here for a finite period of time and we are all going to die. 230 more words

Personal Experience