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How do you tell a parent to go away?

This evening (late evening… Around 11pm) I went to my dad’s house. I know 11pm sounds like an odd hour to visit someone, but I do it intentionally. 1,224 more words


Footprints in the Sand

As a child while vacationing with my parents and siblings on the Florida coast, one of my fondest memories was the special time I had with my dad. 601 more words

Tea With My Favourite People

Aswell as a night out with my friends, I spent my birthday weekend with the 3 greatest people I know; my Mum, Dad and Brother. We had a fantastic meal, and despite the fact we argue these 3 are the most fantastic people I could ever ask to have in my life.  95 more words


I’m kind of a teary eyed person, I’m not afraid to admit that. When left alone, I sometimes read or think or watch things that summons the inner well of feelings within me. 1,161 more words



Day 4: Describe your father as he gets up in the morning.

Well. My dad stays up until the morning so him getting up in the morning going is just like waking from a nap. 108 more words

Forever Good

I remember my mom driving us to school every morning. She would always pray first and then ask me and my siblings if we wanted to pray after. 434 more words


Good recipes, tried and true – and happy memories

If you read my post last night, you already know what this evening’s is about, and I hope you are as excited about it as I am. 618 more words