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Any man can love a thousand woman, but a good man...

Any man can love a thousand woman, but a good man loves one woman a thousand ways.

Hebrews 13:4

The (Health) Benefits of Smoking Cigarettes

Do not let the propaganda fool you. Smoking has its benefits. Yes, you’ll probably die from lung cancer or get punched in the face when you blow smoke into the wrong person’s face. 1,560 more words


a father and his boys

The summer here has been so kind….cool nights and warm days….usually we are just in sweltering heat in August… took a motorcycle ride and it was too cool an evening to go much further with the light jacket I was wearing, so I stopped at one of my favorite parks and caught this man just spending some time with his boys…

Around Town

Are we living in a post-feminism society?

Despite all the oppressions previously laid out, there are people who still believe that we live in a Post-feminism society.

The goal of Feminism is gender equality (see notes). 939 more words


Fatherless Child ~ Tasha Miller

A touching story of millions of girls around….

Fatherless Child

A fatherless child was born one day.
She never asked for this life,
but it’s hers, anyway. 403 more words


Love You Dad!!

It’s time to post birthday again! :D And this time it’s the birthday of none other than my role model- My Father. He is source of constant inspiration in my life, my support whenever I fall, my hope when I’m hopeless, my friend when I’m lonely, my listener, my adviser, my critic, my supporter and a regular reader of this blog too.   141 more words


New football season

Are you ready for the new football season?  Once the kids are back at school it will only be a matter of time before you are back on touchline duty.  48 more words