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Dear Mom, Dad, and Aunt Peggy,

None of my friends are in my Lunar Studies class. They all grew up here and had to take it in high school. 371 more words

Aunt Peggy

Dressed from the Future

It was my French surrogate mother’s 70th birthday party. (Not the same kind of surrogate carrier who gave birth to my sons. Since my parents are gone, she’s an adoptive kind of mother.) She’d planned this bash for two years: an all-day garden party in the rolling hills of Normandy with everyone dressed in 70’s clothes. 547 more words

Daddy Coping In Style

Teenage Girl Cries in Her Dad's Arms While Getting Shots at the Doctors Office

This girl is wayyy to old to be acting like this smdh. Her dad is sitting there holding her in his arms like she’s a damn baby as she crying and whines while getting a shot at the doctor’s office. 19 more words


Move over, Alice. There’s a new kid in town. Introducing the youngest and the oldest descendant of my family: great-grandchild Jakob and my Dad. Age gap approximately 90 years. 6 more words


My Gentle Giant

I think that if life was a collection of only the happy times, it would be plenty boring. I will not lie to you. This is not a happy story. 1,354 more words

All About Me

On His Own

My son is becoming more independent as the days go by.  While at the park over the weekend he pushed my hand away so he could walk on his own towards the slide.   112 more words


The Gospel-Centered Mom: 3 Fads that are Killing Your Joy

3 Fads that are Killing Your Joy

I’m already sweating when I pull into the parking spot. Not close enough to the store, but it will have to do. 302 more words