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David: How Do You Get The Kids To Change The Toilet Paper Roll?

Dang kids! They just don’t listen. Or maybe they just don’t listen in the traditional way anymore???

Will Reid is a pretty genius dad. He’s figured out a new way to get his kids to listen to what he says by using video! 39 more words


Images of Hawke's Bay

Me and my li’l girl, a double selfie 
A 5x-weekly photograph from around Hawke’s Bay :-)
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Hawke's Bay

I Thought of You

Dear Pops,

I cried tonight when I thought of you.  I remembered our last great trip, when you were healthy, you weren’t sick. I can’t believe that was just a year ago. 85 more words

Things I learned this week

Well I am going to try and condense all the learnings of the past several days into this so it will either be long or I may not have been paying attention. 149 more words

Some notes at 65 weeks

It has been 65 weeks of being a parent, be that a mom or a dad. Time has flown by and over the last nearly 15 months we have gone through a steep learning curve, just to keep up with this little man we created. 694 more words



Once again, the calendar turns to September.

Once again, September is recognized as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Once again, I take the ties out of my jewelry box. 151 more words


Day 142-145

August 29-Sept 1, 2014

Michaela continues to grow stronger and improve in many ways.  Since her surgery she has been significantly more comfortable and less agitated.   217 more words