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One Handed Toileting

A seemingly simple yet perplexing question fathers are plagued by is how do I use the toilet with the pikelet in tow? Now, I’m not talking at home where it’s clearly fine to distract said pikelet with toys, rush to bathroom, close door and enjoy peace for 30 seconds before the scratching and banging on the door begins or life or death screams pierce through the house based on the completely unsubstantiated fear that ‘yes, the provider has definitely abandoned me this time’. 494 more words


When can I feed my baby tandoori chicken?

So, after 6 months of looking after the little pikelet while my wife works I figured I ought to have something more to show for it. 604 more words

#DaddyDidThat: Father Finds Creative Way To Do His Daughter's Hair (VIDEO)

I would cringe when my dad tried to do my hair. After being assaulted by the balls at the end of the band my ponytails were always loose. 41 more words