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A sadist Daddy and a non-masochist babygirl

When I began my exploration into the world of BDSM and where I fell in it, I was scared of the label/title of Sadist.

To most vanilla people, the word Sadist brings to mind pictures of torture. 601 more words


Daddy's Girl

“Daddy’s home!!!!!!!!” he bellowed, slamming the door shut behind him.

I’d been napping on the sofa in one of the tunic & leggins sets he’d bought me to wear ‘round the house. 2,448 more words


Our friend Symon wrote a terrific post this week about being a Dom. I wanted to add some specific thoughts on being a Daddy.

There is tremendous responsibility that comes with having a baby girl belong to me. 971 more words

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Baby girls and littles..... This. So much.... THIS

My Sadistic Side

Over the last several years, I’ve found I really don’t get much of a charge from vanilla sex. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to cuddle, kiss and hold my baby girl tight. 478 more words

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My Sir speaks on being a sadist AND my Daddy

Bath time

She drew the bath tub with hot water. She loved it hot to the point it made her skin red. That’s the way she liked it. 442 more words

All I need is a tad bit of TLC

I need to be felt loved
I need to hear your voice, it turns me on
I need to feel your arms around my body…
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