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Throw Me, Daddy!

By Staci Pace

One night, my husband was playing with our four-year-old daughter, and while attempting to throw her into the air (like he had done many times in the past) I watched as her face grimaced in total fear. 934 more words


100 Words or less

He dropped everything on the seat next to him. He felt like an idiot buying both the “It’s a girl/boy” banners and a pink & blue baby boot. 183 more words

A Peek Into Our Hearts

I’VE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT I WOULD LOVE BEING A MOMMY. This much, I could have never imagined. I am thankful every single day for the opportunity. 145 more words

Home Decor


4yo: why did the bunny cross the road?

me: i don’t know. why?

4yo: to get donuts at the donut shop.


daddy: so the bunny got some donuts? 15 more words


The night Daddy came home with a woman

i was so nervous, Daddy said He was bringing home a friend that He knew i would be interested in.

i was so NOT expecting her. 716 more words