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Memories of Music

I picked up the guitar again after much too long. It is my most prized possession from Daddy. He gave it to me years ago (I can’t recall when). 805 more words


Touching hearts

munchkin has touched so many people’s hearts since she arrived 12 months ago. Remembering her little friend, not sure how we explain to a two and a half year old, where her friend has gone, saying goodbye to all her little friend at toddler group tomorrow. 49 more words

Feeling blessed

just looking at Munchkin this morning,and I’m feeling blessed,as much as we have cared for and loved her in her first year, we have been blessed over and over by this little one in our life. 21 more words

Day 18-30

DAY 18-30

Over the last couple weeks I have clearly neglected my gratitude posts, (or, well, my blog at all), and that is because I have unfortunately had the flu. 146 more words

365 Days Of Gratitude


“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait ’til tomorrow,

for babies grow up,

We’ve learned to our sorrow.

So settle down cobwebs,

dust go to sleep.

I’m holding my baby, 351 more words


How W/we started

Don’t know how to get started? Not sure where you fall as a Dominant? Or why you think you might be submissive? Have you been searching the internet looking for some general steps getting started in Daddy/Dom and little/submissive? 664 more words


Birthday Boy and His Presents!

Well Colton came home from his moms place last night right around bedtime,  but seeing it was Friday and he was wound up from cake,  I let them stay up for a bit to wind down and relax.  189 more words