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Dear Baby Addison Vlog #1

This is my first Vlog for my baby.
My hair looks crazy because that’s my natural hair and I was a little nervous.


Daddy's Love

Such a happy day today….!! Staying away from parents has been the hardest part of my life. This year the wait actually got a lil longer than I expected. 183 more words


Just Like Daddy

I cringed as I watched my seven-year old struggled through his swimming lesson.  Come on Mik, just put your head under the water already! I screamed inside.  226 more words


Under the Chicken House

Sam Meets the Striped Kitty Cat     by “Daddy John” Fussner


One day in late February the sun was shining bright, and the wind was blowing from the south.  1,259 more words

A To Z Blogging

i tried pot! (and a shower story)

It was awesome, i won’t lie.

We (tennis girls and i) were all at practice but coach was absent!  We smacked each other with balls, we were splashing each other with our water bottles, and someone broke out their phone and put some music on ^_^  Then B pulled out the pot.   341 more words

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March 24, 2014   6:28pm

So I believe I have found something worse than a poopy diaper……It’s poop in the potty chair. 

I swear it is like concrete in there.

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Bad Experience