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Zen and the Art of Pizza Making; A Study (WARNING: May Contain Recipes)

The Old Way; The Way I’ve Been Doing it for Years…

Make Dough the Night Before I Need It.

When I first started, I made the dough the day of instead of the night before. 3,140 more words


Most Interesting Man Monday: My Main Man

I know the title of this post may have been deceiving, but this is not a post about my boyfriend.  This is a post about my father, the only man I’ll ever really need. 256 more words


Thanksgiving 2013

I don’t believe that there are coincidences in life. I believe that things definitely happen sometimes because that’s how they are supposed to go. And I am really thankful for that. 573 more words

I Want My Dad!

      I have got to get there on time.  I can’t be late.  I can finish this never ending housework later.  I don’t want to be late for my kid. 1,077 more words

Kids And Family

Lazy Sunday

Resting with Daddy, after puppy play date while visiting family.
Naps are a good thing.


First things first

After leaving my “Fatherhood Matters” class, I realized that despite all the attention, advice and documentation out there for Mommy-to-be, there was virtually nothing out there for the Daddy-to-be. 158 more words

Daddy I love You

I love it when You walk in. Your smile beams at me and my heart just melts. I love that You always come towards me in that stance of Yours. 686 more words