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A Letter for my King

Hi Dad! :)

Today, you celebrate another year of your existence. But enough with the formalities, this is my birthday message for you.

For some, birthdays are days when one adds an increase to their age, when people are supposed to greet you and be nice to you, when there will be prepared foods on the table that are unavailable if on a normal day. 1,092 more words


Just some Friday afternoon silliness:

Daddy got home early today, around two. We were hanging around on the bed just chillin all cool (cause that’s how we roll). Daddy kept tickle attacking me randomly so, when the opportunity presented itself, who could blame a girl for sneak attacking him!? 304 more words

Celebrating Life's Wonderful Moments

Today I celebrate my son’s birthday! I feel so honored to have him as my son and I am happy that God put my kids in my life. 54 more words


Why wait for the last dance..

Gently place your left hand on her back near her waist. This shows you support her, and won’t let her fall. Pick up her hand now and place it in yours, hold it tight enough to show your strength yet loose enough for her hand to grow. 192 more words


I apologize, Daddy


Yesterday was just awful!  I was feeling incredibly emotional for the previous two days…WHO KNOWS Why??  I just wanted to cry over everything. And, as you saw, I did.   254 more words

Be There - Health

As a man, father, and husband I have a duty, obligation, and responsibility to BE THERE for my family. BEING THERE means that they have food, they have shelter, clothes, leadership, love, joy … It means they see their daddy being obnoxious in the crowd yelling at the ref or clapping and shouting louder than any other parent at the music or dance recital… but … 405 more words