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calling one of us

daddy calls

the roll


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My heart

Every time I look at him, I fall in love all over again.


Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my dad’s birthday.

While he’s no longer with us, and hasn’t been for a while, his presence is felt everyday. It’s the little things, remembering something that we did together, or how he was such a kids himself, particularly when it came to Christmas and presents or some story that someone tells. 157 more words

The T's House

Wearing hats

I have a big head. I mean that literally.

I like hats but it is very difficult for me to find ones that fit. My skull just seems to be on the very large side of headgear. 447 more words

5 Songs to Fit Your Baby's Life Situations

#DaddySkill #18 Pop music: as a daddy you have got to be able to appropriately time pop music references with your baby’s life situation.

While most pop music is not truly appropriate for babies, many song choruses are ok, particularly when well timed for a given situation. 116 more words


Daddy's 'Princie'

I’m ‘Daddy’s girl’. I admit it. Since before I was even born, he has called me ‘Princie’, short for Princess (before it became a word printed across teenage girls’ sweatpants). 781 more words


Morning fun

I don’t know if it’s the same in your house, but Chris and I have a very different morning experience.  I’m not sure why Max likes to sit with me for every minute of the morning but has no interest in what Chris is doing – don’t get me wrong, I love his company, but sometimes I would like to put my make up on without his assistance.  197 more words