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Updates 3Piece Undersized Plywood Dado Bit Set With 12

Lumber core Plywood: It is among the most costly plywood, which is used only where the edges of the plywood has to be exposed off. It is made up of hardwood and veneer is used to surface at the core of the plywood. 301 more words


Saw Sharpening Bench Part 3

Finally I got a little open time in the woodshop so I decided to mill the tenons on the aprons and stretchers for the saw sharpening bench. 250 more words

Mom-mom and Dado: Dado

I am continuing the theme of family this Sunday (late as it is) and I am going to start with my maternal grandparents (and specifically, my grandfather). 270 more words


Churning, Crashing, Burning

Jad Abumrad talks about the early days of his now-rockin’ radio show Radiolab, speaking of the life-or-death feeling that comes with the creative process: that feeling that even if no one is paying attention to what you are doing (even if no one is reading your blog, for example), it is making or breaking your entire life in that moment. 1,102 more words

Children's Foot Stool

My wife recently informed me that our two year-old son was in need of a small foot stool to help him learn how to brush his teeth.   102 more words


Mockin' and Rockin'

The mock ups continue, presumably so I work out the process, uncover potential mistakes, and don’t make them again a second time. This week I’ve been working on the armrest/frame connection. 473 more words