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To My Husband on our 22nd Wedding Anniversary

I stared intently at my husband last night as he read a story to our 10-year-old daughter. Something hit me hard. I was unexpectedly filled with intense emotions—joy, love and gratitude flowed freely through my mind and my heart. 417 more words


Is science learnt or is it an instinct?

Every so often in the media there are reports and opinion pieces from educationalists concerned about instilling an understanding and appreciation of the scientific process in our children. 310 more words


Father Involvement: The Cortisol Effect

by John Hoffman

When people talk about fathers these days they often use the words “involvement” and “children.”

“Father involvement is good for children.”

“Today’s fathers are more involved in the lives of their children.”

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Father Involvement

Dad, Dog and Daughter

Day-to-Day Dad, how’ve you been? I took the dog (a 90lb Labrador) to the vet recently. My baby girl also went with me. The vet office has these fold up/down exam tables mounted to the wall. 108 more words


Who checks on the dads?

There’s 168 hours in a week. 56 of those are spent sleeping if we’re lucky and about 10 commuting to and from work. I spend the rest wondering how I’ll have time to get everything done, and boy is the list long! 748 more words


You Can Give a Child Asparagus, But...

They say that children’s taste for foods is acquired in utero, and that by offering your children a variety of healthy foods at an early age they will grow up to enjoy eating healthy foods. 370 more words