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This Super Mom Needs a Super Dad

I love my husband. We have been married for over three years and are raising two wonderful boys together. Sometimes, in moments of stress and anxiety, I say stuff to my husband like, “The floor needs vacuumed, the baby has a dirty diaper, the dogs need fed and apparently I am the only one who can do those things!” It’s not true, though. 520 more words


Father Time: Dads and Parental Leave:

Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets has done what many fathers wish they could do – take some time off with the birth of their child.   595 more words

Father Involvement

Where Are The Dads' Voices?

If you go to any bookstore, big or small, and visit the parenting section, notice how many books are written by and for women and moms. 523 more words

Good Stuff

How to Be Perfect

I’m a perfectionist. For me, being a perfectionist means not only that when I do something that it’s done right, but that if you want to do something… you really ought to just let me do it my way instead. 365 more words


Mum Timetable: New Page on Bishopston Mum!

Today I wanted to introduce a brand new page on Bishopston Mum: The Mum Timetable! The Mum Timetable is a page specifically for mums who live in and around Bishopston. 117 more words


Update: Beta Male magazine

We are a week into this Kickstarter project and so far it’s been overwhelmingly positive.


Working Mom Blues

I found myself in a puddle of self-pity quite recently. I felt like I was not spending enough quality time with my son because every day was a marathon of activity: wake up, get ready, get kid ready, get out the door, go to work, pick kid up, get dinner ready, give kid a bath, put kid to bed, try to get a few things done, go to bed. 538 more words