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You Can Give a Child Asparagus, But...

They say that children’s taste for foods is acquired in utero, and that by offering your children a variety of healthy foods at an early age they will grow up to enjoy eating healthy foods. 370 more words


Now for something a little different


Frankly, I feel sorry for the kid, losing one’s mother will never be easy. However, I have some questions. Where’s Dad? The article says Dad was never really in the child’s life, but that begs the question. 417 more words


Cairns Cafe: Fresh Food, Fantastic Cake & Fun for Parents & Young Children

If you are a long-term reader of Bishopston Mum, you will know that I have a bit of an obsession for cake. Luckily for me and other local parents with a cake habit, we have the wonderful… 287 more words


Inspiration and Affirmation

Engaged fathers sometimes struggle to see themselves reflected in popular culture. At the same time, fathers who are struggling to engage with their kids don’t often see positive role-modeling or inspiration around them. 42 more words

Father Involvement

Alex Nayanookeesic and a Young Dad’s Carousel of Life

Alex was able to work most of the summer on a bridge construction crew by the Gravel River in Northwestern Ontario. Most of the pounding manual work was behind the handles of a jackhammer. 406 more words