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The Day-to-Day, In The Flower Bed

Day-to-Day Dad, we mulched. Exciting right, not really but that was our day. It was a mistake to buy the cheapest mulch. It was full of 5 inch branch pieces, even found a bunching wire in the bag. 230 more words


I Too, Disney World

Day-to-Day Dad. We took a little vacation to Disney World recently. Honestly, it was a little rough. My son had a hard time dealing with exhaustion. 502 more words


Frozen Taught My Baby To Talk

Day-to-Day Dad, we all know the hit song “Let It Go”, right. My son was way into the soundtrack for a couple months and then it just went away. 153 more words


Thanksgiving Weekend / Baby Loves Pow Pow

Day-to-Day Dad here, the Thanksgiving holiday is done, we did enjoy ourselves. We participated in the Turkey Trot 5k. My son (5 years) completed the entire run without riding in the stroller even once. 371 more words


Fall Break Has Arrived

Day-to-Day Dad, it’s Fall Break! One week of no school. What will we do? The answer, wing it. My son wants to go to the indoor putt putt at the local bowling center. 183 more words


Does Bottle Feeding Promote Father Involvement?

by John Hoffman

I’ve often said that fathers have to play catch-up in early parenthood. Mothers get a biological and social head start at parenting and that’s just the way it is. 550 more words

Father Involvement

Hey all,

I have had an eventful 2014 so far. I entered my last full semester of college at UNC Greensboro and taking a full load. 935 more words