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She Touches Herself Way More

Day-to-Day Dad, she is a little different than her brother. She is 20 months old and he is 5.5 years old. Adding another kid to the household is definitely like adding a second spinning plate to your act. 429 more words


Boys' Night Out / Paddington / Ice Skating

Day-to-Day Dad, my son and I had a boys’ night out this Friday. He got to ride in my truck, which is rare, but he thinks it’s cool because he can see so much more than when riding in the car. 292 more words


Ray Lewis, are you there?

My daughter is sick. My wife is on edge and…….. also sick. Work is chaotic. My life is like I’m playing Bill Murray’s role in GroundHog Day. 373 more words


Review of The Leapband by Leapfrog

Day-to-Day Dad here with another post Christmas toy review. What’s a Leapband? It’s a kid version of a FitBit activity tracker that is worn on the wrist. 510 more words


Day-to-Day Dad on a Mundane Monday.

Day-to-Day Dad on a Monday. Arrived home from work at around 3:45. I entered the house to find my son and wife playing a game. My son says “hi dad, want to join us!”, he sounded like he was in a great mood. 433 more words


Toy review- Disney Universe Wii

Day-to-Day Dad, well the holidays are over and we’re starting to figure out which presents are passing the kid test and which are duds.

The first item up for review is Disney Universe for Wii. 363 more words


Christmas Has Past

Day-to-Day Dad, Christmas has past and look at all this stuff. Not really sure what the kids got but there sure is a mess around the house. 138 more words