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Check Out Our New Song Clips!

Some of you will recognize these as acapella renditions in class.

Yes, we have more Barry Hartglass is just waiting to help me produce.

One song at a time! 26 more words

Children's Music

Pearl Jam and the Indian Rain Man of the Vancouver Canucks

If you don’t know Tim Thompson, you should.  He is the genius behind all the Hockey Night in Canada opening montages, which are often a bit too Toronto-centric for my taste, but still manage to take my breathe away almost every week. 775 more words


Our lifelong science experiment

I don’t know how our home turned into an ongoing science experiment.

And not in that “Oh, look Mom, the leftovers from three weeks ago are moving” kind of way, but more in that “Gee, I wonder what happens if you put fire crackers in a four-month old pumpkin” kind of way. 925 more words

Somehow this involves Bob Seger

So this is the busiest time of the year for Mom and I. My job just gets stupid with the lack of a definable schedule and the girls’ activities get crazier than Biden at a Daughters of the American Revolution mixer. 568 more words

What kind of second-rate planet IS this, anyway?

Just when I think my life can’t get any more weirder . . . I go home. Seriously. It’s not that something weird hasn’t happened, it’s that something weird hasn’t happened YET. 495 more words



I fancy myself a fairly self-sufficient guy. I know how to live off the land. I have both training and experience in survival in various climes and locales. 348 more words

Appreciate Creation

Today is Earth Day. We plan trees, breath deep, and, sadly, get into all sorts of political arguments over environmental issues. However, God did create this world for us to enjoy, and we should take a moment to do it! 631 more words

Christian Life