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Where Have All the Good TV Dads Gone?

By Josh Axelrod

It’s easy to spot the worst dads on TV. They’re usually pretty in your face with their awful parenting techniques.

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Game Of Thrones

Another Dad Attempted To Name 'Game Of Thrones' Characters After Watching A Full Season

Remember at the end of Game of Thrones season three when that one Redditor’s dad attempted to name all the characters of the show he’d seen ever episode of? 86 more words


Super heroes and the quest for the larger-than-life man.

Illustration by Arthur Milano

(or what my beloved super heroes taught me what my Dad never could)
Written by Arthur Milano

The phenomenon that is superhero culture has grown exponentially and I think I know some of the reasons why. 1,105 more words

I Love it When Children Think for Themselves

I love it how this 7-year-old doesn’t let his high principles get muddied just because he is a child talking to a persuasive adult:

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Milestones of Being a Dad

If you are like my wife and I, every month we pull out the camera and take pictures of our daughter to celebrate her growth during the past month and be able to think to ourselves, “When did she get so big?” We post some of these to Facebook, just as we do pictures or status updates of when she rolls over, sits up, or giggles when asked, “Do you want to go to Target?” These are all important milestones, and we check them off each month with the hope that our daughter continues to meet them with regularity. 322 more words


New Kind of Daddy Daughter Dance

Daddy Daughter is no problem for London Johnson and his daughter Lil’ London. Here’s to all the Dad’s who aren’t afraid to be silly with their kids! 15 more words