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Conversation Through A Bathroom Door

Daffodil: (on the toilet) “Kalrlaek rlk elme dwoel rele ma”.

(This, for those unfamiliar with the graphic-layout trade, is called ‘greeking’. It is meaningless text that fills up a space when the final text is not yet available. 108 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

I took the following photos earlier this year and will now submit them for this challenge.



Monster Chapter

Salt mining being what it is, Terrible Twos Day has been cancelled this week while The Management recovers from the plague. In its place we present to you the first installment of Monster Chapter, by our guest blogger, Daffodil. 45 more words


Don't Be Like Me

As foretold, foreshadowed, prophesied and predicted, all this bother at the salt mine is taking up a lot of my valuable time and energy. There does not seem to be much in the way of time scheduled for me write amusing anecdotes or draw amusing illustrations for them, so what you get is this: the above scrawl of the Xmas Bunny and the New Year’s Frog done, I promise you, as a mnemonic device for remembering some of the more arcane trivia of the salt mining trade (but don’t ask me which, because I have forgotten); and the following unrelated incident report from yesterday: 210 more words


Three Christmas trees and a daffodil

Seasonal confusion has reached Hurst. Spotted this daft daff blooming in the verge on my walk this afternoon. Never known Spring to arrive pre Christmas before! 219 more words


We're Baaaaaaaack........

My Friends and Well-Wishers, such as they may be, will be gladdened to hear that I survived the Ordeal of 182 Cuts and should, if the mails are not impeded by war, brigandage, or Acts of God, shortly become a Licensed Salt Miner. 316 more words


August EP640 - Bluetooth Wireless Stereo NFC Headphones - Over Ear Cordless Headphones with 3.5mm Wired Audio In

These headphones are very nice in design and sound. They are comfortable, stylish, and have a good battery life.
While these headphones have very good sound quality they lack some of the low basses in music such as dubstep and some rap, but they make up by having crisp and clear treble and mid sounds. 252 more words