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Sharing is fun.

Among other things, digital humanities involves collaboration. To this end, we (the class of 2014-2015 at UCC, not the royal we) are dipping our collective toes into several software applications. 56 more words

Digital Humanities

A-blogging we will go.

“Humor is reason gone mad.”

~ Groucho Marx

And then came India. TourAbsurd.com was my baby, my happy place, my reason for moving forward. For four years I nurtured it, educated myself about the workings of social media, and built an international network of friends and contacts within the travel industry.  361 more words

Digital Humanities

Monday Bloody Monday: My Weekly Rotation. This is starting to get out of hand. The days of the week are blurring together. Maybe my life of debauchery is catching up to me.......

but I’m not qualified to say that, I’m practically a drug addict. Hopefully that admission doesn’t debunk everything I’ve said on this blog heretofore. As they say in Burmese rehabilitation centers, “addicts are people, too.” But anyway, here’s what’s occupied my ears for the last week: 59 more words

The Bent Ear