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mvn clean install Could not find artifact

Could not find artifact oswego-concurrent:concurrent:jar:1.3.4-jboss-update1 in gtrepositories  -> 

What does this mean? How do I correct this? Does this mean that file is missing in the repo? 29 more words

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RetcH is a Young Raekwon on "Since My Dog Died." Da Lo God has lost his way recently with his raps, but the rugged power of his old shit underpins my faith in him...............

Seriously, Retchy P is in disarray right now. No, let me appropriately rephrase that: he’s too fucking wild on his songs. I never thought that sentiment could ever be applied to rap music, but I’m a bit shaken. 222 more words

The Bent Ear

Retchy P and I exist on the same Mental Plane. Last Night, to my amazement, da Lo God released two freebies that confirmed my suspicions that he and I are kindred musical spirits.........

Devotees will have noted that I am enthralled by Mobb Deep, and I extol them whenever I have the opportunity (just peep the previous post); you may have also noted my high regard for the… 131 more words

The Bent Ear

Mid-term reports #2

JUST FINISHED an assignment for CS6103 (Audio and Sound Engineering), 2,500 word technical report comparing digital and analog audio quality (emphasis on technical, which is to say, no guff about LP artwork or vinyl love stories or anything of the like). 644 more words


Mid-term reports #1

It’s mid-term in the first semester (University College Cork has just moved over to semesterization; I don’t really know what this means exactly, nevertheless the fact remains that this is the new official language, and this year, 2014-15, is the first year with the new system — the second semester runs from January through to May and the third semester is June, July and August; we submit our dissertation at the beginning of next September). 440 more words


Retchy P is the Reason I Still Love Hip Hop. It takes enormous self-assurance to compare oneself to the baby Jesus ; da Lo God has the charisma, gumption, and nerve to say it on wax, not to mention the skills to bolster his claims..........

Rap music is proudly and profoundly shameless. It’s meant to subvert prejudices, with smash-mouth energy and a potent message. Heir Gang co-founder RetcH embraces Hip Hop’s wild and unruly elements on this track, with the intensity and insanity I’ve yearned to hear for some time. 131 more words

The Bent Ear